Website to check out - Steve Baldwin The Wild Parrots of Brooklyn

Years ago I used to breed Lovebirds, Lorikeets, Indian Ringnecks and Eastern Rosellas. I love parrots. I came across this fantastic website the Wild Parrots of Brooklyn by Steve Baldwin a talented photographer living in New York who is passionate about the wild parrots living in the Brooklyn area. Loads of information of the multitude of different parrot species to be found there accompanied by fantastic photographs including a great photo essay. Check it out - you'll love it!


  1. Hi Liz

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

    A couple of years ago, my son and I spent 3 weeks visiting NZ. We had a wonderful time and I did a few sketches and brought back lots of photographs. The countryside reminded me of my early years growing up in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia.

    I loved NZ! If I were younger (and didnt' have all my present obligations), I would really like to move there.

    You are so lucky to have all that land to roam around in. I wear gumboots, too, but only when it rains hard when I'm on my daily walk. Soon we will be wearing only winter boots!


  2. That wild quaker parrot site is very, very cool. Such gorgeous shots! The series to do with the cemetery was particularly well-done.

  3. Great blog. Parrots are very beautiful and intelligent animals. I took a pic of two parrots in a zoo some time back. Will share it soon hopefully if I remember.

    I kept thinking of where I'd heard the name 'Baldwin' after reading your post. After some time I realized it was the actor Alec Baldwin I had in my mind..

    Had a pizza with a friend a little while back. Snow, Leo n Fairy took their due share out of it as usual...

    Bill's photos are amazing. The animals themselves are magnificent at Shambala Preserve. I was looking for photos for many of my big cat profiles when I stumbled across Bill's site. Asked his permission to reproduce the photos on my blog - and he and Tippi Hedren at Shambala Preserve were very kind to allow that.

    Hope all is well at the farm and Mr Screech is not causing too much trouble..purrs and hugs!

    Omer and the kitties :)

  4. Hello Joy

    Same goes to you I love your work. I love it here. Sometimes it's nice to get out and about to other places I love NZ but I also would love to travel elsewhere and see the world so to speak.
    Gumboots are essential fashion wear here especially in winter!!!

    Thanks for visiting!!!

    Hi Ice,

    I'm so glad you like that site. It's incredible. I'll have to add it into my list of favourite websites along with a couple of others I found. Steve is a great photographer with the passion to match. I'll catch up soon lots to tell you.

  5. Get back to me by email as to how soon that'll be timewise, my friend. It's been too long.

  6. I Will Ice. Sorting out a few things around home here.And the websites. Oh sanity!

  7. Hi Omer. I know what you mean by the Baldwin thing. Alec Baldwin though is a really cool actor. Steves blog is really awesome. Had to post it.

    Bet Leo and Fairy got the Lions Share of the Pizza! Dream tried to steal my dinner last night and didn't get far I was starving!

    Mr Screech woke me up at 4.30 am this morning....loud as usual. It's his patch of land too I guess so I'll just have to put up with him and the Screech Clan.

    I'm going to ask the guys at Shambala if I can draw Delilah and a couple of others they have there. Awesome photos great website.

    Everything here on the farm is quiet today. I have to move the cattle and the horses later on before the rain comes!

    Hugs and purrs from me and my kitties and all the other creatures here on the farm

  8. Parrots are pretty cool. Seem to be quite intelligent too.
    Thank you for always stopping by to leave me your sweet comments. I don't get many of them so it is nice.:)
    Have a great day!