The Madness of my mad (bush farm) life with Minion of Basement Cat included

I started this blog post several days ago and got nowhere fast.

As usual I haven't been near my blog for ages. I'm not used to not blogging and I still haven't said hi to you guys!!!! I think at this rate a shotgun will be needed and a threat made to yours truly that buckshot will be in one's rear end if one does NOT visit some blogs. Diane I haven't forgotten I have been so busy I have forgotten all kinds of things...grrr. Excuses are now not an option. I miss you guys!!!! Okay onto some stuff here...

River as we all know was expecting a calf ..good news is she calved a healthy bull calf yesterday morning at 5 a.m. NZ time on a frosty August morning. Normally I don't get so sentimental over cows calving, but in this case my baby cow River (who is now too big to be a baby anymore) that I raised right from birth is now mother to her own baby. So I'm kind of a bovine grandma..at least for the next five months that is. Then well this little guy is headed over to Paparoa to friends of mine who wanted a steer. The vet will be out in three weeks time to turn poor little calf into a steer for good.

Meantime I am now definitely convinced that cute little white kitten I bought home from the vets in January 2009 is a confirmed minion of basement cat. Sasquatch is evil..very evil. After all one that is a dedicated celing cat follower and has the divine colouration to boot should be loving and sweet.. Of course not. This Minion Of Basement Cat has six black hairs on his head. Routine at present...enter hooman's domain...eat...stalk hooman's leg bite leg..run..find somewhere nice to sleep. Wait until stupid hooman is at the flashy box thing (computer that is) climb onto stupid hooman then sink sharp teeth into hooman's arm and refuse to release hooman until scratch behind pink ears. Then release and bite other arm. Once completed report to Basement Cat that the torment of the stupid hooman has been completed until another day...
Practising Minion of Basement Cat (Celing Cat disguise mode) fooled hoomans at 8 weeks old.

Madness continues. We have had a real bad dose of sicknesses here on the farm over the last three months. Last week after getting completely over the flu it was my turn to get the Rotavirus. Well okay fine if I didn't have deadlines and a publication to put together that was. I needed a new carcass after mine had decided to clap out. Such are the frustrations of late. The bills seem to keep coming, I seem to keep on paying and before I know it more are coming again..same old routine I think for all of us. But I have some stuff for the crew to read and perhaps more madness will be brought back into your lives... keep checking I'm actually still writing this.. more coming