15kg Terrorist gets Tagged!!!!

Actually I did it a day or so back-the sneaky way that is. Got my youngest to give the Terrorist a bottle while I grabbed the taggers and did the nasty deed. Let's just say she wasn't my friend for all of 3 minutes - before she decided nothing had really happened and got on with guzzling down her two bottles. Yes I said two. One at 2.5 litres and 1 at 1 litre. But she needs it. She'll catch up in time -though she'll always be just that bit smaller. I don't mind - means less mess in the paddock in winter. Anyway I took these photos of her attempting to yet again follow Mum into the house!! Last year my kids had left the ranchslider open...try having three calves in the kitchen!! Lucky for me they didn't make a mess -and I still have them (mutter).


A little bit of the Art Side of me

Well everyone else has been brave enough to put up their drawings and sketches so here is one of mine. I did this one in coloured pencils on black paper. I took it from one of my photos I had taken at a ballet rehearsal last year then did my own interpretation. Actually it turned out quite good.


A moment of outrage?

I have had a hard day. I think everyone has. After dealing with obnoxious people today I feel like hitting something! I took this photo at Anne's yesterday. I think it reflects really what I wanted to really say to these annoying people I had to put up with this afternoon. They were a real pain in the - well you know where. Anyway suppose I had better get back to it then. Hope you like the photo.


More on the 15kg Terrorist

Now she is seven weeks old. Bigger Greedier and really cute. We took her cover off today so she could get some sunshine for a change. Terrorist had a wonderful time running around kicking her heels up. Whacked out heaps of Californian Thistles today before the nasty prickly things take over the pasture!! And I still haven't tagged the Terrorist!!! Never mind I'll get it done sooner rather than later....