A Mad Bush Kids Birthday

Sometimes my kids say where they live is insane. Must be - very strange cartoons appear on the other blog every so often. Anyway one of them had a birthday last few days back. Got a digital camera for her birthday so here's the shots my second eldest took with her new camera

Getting Zapped!

Terrorist is starting to finally fill out the calf cover. Turned one month old on the 29th of August. Found out yesterday what an electric fence was and finally got the message that the white spaggetti-like stuff has a very nasty bite. Doesn't pay to stick the mouth on it!!


Away from the farm

My two kids are going to Calf Club in Paparoa three times a week. Got a photo of this little heifer just after she had been calved at Anne Shank's yards this afternoon....

15kg Terrorist finds out what mud is!

Well we had to do it sooner or later. Lets just say the Terrorist was absolutely disgusted by the winter mud and the mouthful of calf tucker that got stuffed in instead of her preferred favourite namely the bottle. I am not popular. She wants her milk now!! Well it'll be 4pm today before she gets it. Turns a month old this coming week 29th of August to be exact. Well this is one lucky heifer the AFFCO truck didn't end up getting. Doubt it ever will somehow. Finally starting to fill up the cover but there's still some growing to do yet. This one will get dehorned and tagged now the ears are big enough. She'll be number 9 in the book. I seriously need my sanity back. I'm saying no more!!! Knowing my luck next year it'll be the same old thing all over again. Oh the joys of rural life - wouldn't change it for anything. Here's more photos for ya.