Fonterra looks to a great future backed by farmers

Federated Farmers appreciates the long notice that Fonterra Cooperative Group Chief Executive, Andrew Ferrier, has given to the cooperative. Being New Zealand’s largest company and largest exporter its success is vital to the economy.

“A week on from New Zealand’s most expensive natural disaster, we as a country need to focus on exports,” says Lachlan McKenzie, Federated Farmers Dairy chairperson.

“It’s why not just Fonterra’s shareholders, but everyone should appreciate the long notice that Andrew Ferrier has given.

“This will lead to an orderly managerial transition as the Board seeks the very best candidate from around the world. Many overlook the fact that Fonterra is a major global company so Federated Farmers anticipates a lot of interest in what is a global role.

“We need the cooperative nature of the company to be its focus and we know it is something Mr Ferrier has come to respect and value. There’s a lot of collective wisdom with the shareholders who have built this company into the powerhouse it is.

“The future is a very bright one and that will be Mr Ferrier’s legacy, but we mustn’t lose sight of the fact he will still be around until the year’s end.

“Mr Ferrier has faced some very large curve-balls but both he and Fonterra have faced up to them. Fonterra has responded within a regulatory framework that forces competition by increasing the value of the Cooperative.

“I think I speak for all dairy farmers inside and outside of Fonterra who’ll say he has done a very good job. The latest forecast, announced last Tuesday, is shaping up as the second highest milk in Fonterra’s ten year history.

“This reflects Mr Ferrier’s focus upon adding value to what we farmers produce.

“Suffice to say Fonterra Cooperative Group’s revised forecast is the economic tonic New Zealand needs right now. We need exports that generate value and agriculture is stepping up to deliver that.

“I know Fonterra shareholders are proud of the leadership their cooperative has shown during the recent earthquake. Not just with the immediate $1 million cash donation, but the means for shareholders to donate money individually that will be matched dollar for dollar by the cooperative.

“When you add in the donations of milk and other product as well as making its food grade tankers available for the transport of water, then we are standing up to help fellow Kiwis when they need it the most,” Mr McKenzie concluded.


Results of the Northern Regional Final of The National Bank Young Farmer Contest.

It was the buzzer round questions that won the Northern Regional Final for 30 year old Shane Munford in the first of Seven Regional Finals of The National Bank Young Farmer Contest.

The practical day took place on Saturday at the Helensville A&P Showgrounds with the Evening Show being held at the Helensville War Memorial Hall that evening.

A clearly emotional and very tired Shane was not expecting the win and couldn’t quite believe that he will represent Northern at the Grand Final in Masterton on June 29th – July 2nd.

“I can’t believe it - the butterflies won’t go away - I think I’m more nervous now.”

A Sub Station Electrician, Shane never thought that someone in his line of work could make it as far as the Regional Final let alone win.

“I think my passion for farming is what got me through.”

Shane was looking forward to a well-deserved rest after a very tough and very long day; both physically and mentally.

“I’m looking forward to a good sleep and then I’ll start thinking about the Grand Final.”

Shane is keen to work on all areas of his performance ahead of the Grand Final and is going for an all-round approach.

“I want to go the whole hog and get into everything – practical and theory. I’ll be talking a lot with some of the previous winners and other Club members.”

Shane is a father of two and husband to Maree. The Munford family will be going through some big changes over the coming months as Shane not only prepares for the Grand Final but also a career change. During the speech round Shane spoke about the process of changing his career to dairying. He said that it was a lifestyle choice and a very viable career option due to the ladder system in the dairying industry, meaning Shane can work his way up to farm ownership. Another motivator is that Shane wants his children to grow up on a farm.

“We’re following our dream.”

It could have been a very different outcome with 25 year old dairy farmer Katherine Tucker leading for much of the first half of the evening show. Katherine took out the AGMARDT Agri-business Challenge and the Lincoln University Agri-growth Challenge which contributed greatly to her standing. In fourth place, after the Round 8 General Knowledge questions, a late run saw Katherine finish in second place, eight points behind Shane.

It was 30 year old Matt Smith’s last year of eligibility to compete in the Regional Final; he placed third after a solid performance in all areas.

It was also 4th place getter Damian Dixon’s last chance to reach Grand Final. Damian was a strong contender after taking out the Ravensdown Agri-skills Challenge and sitting around 2nd place for most of the Evening Show.

Once again the Regional Final will be televised by TVNZ in the lead up to the Grand Final. The Northern Regional Final will be televised on TVNZ 7 on May 14th.

For those wishing to pledge their support to Regional Finalists around New Zealand, they can also get involved by heading to www.goyoungfarmer.co.nz to leave a message of support.

Also taking place at the Regional Final was the AgriKidsNZ competition where 69 children from around the Northern Region battled it out to get the chance to head to Grand Final in Masterton. The Country Bumpkins from Wainui School came in first and will be joined by the Future Farmers from Helensville School and the Woodhill Warriors representing Woodhill School.

The inaugural TeenAg Competition also took place and saw Logan Mason and William McCracken taking out the top spot. They’ll be joined in Masterton by second place getters Emma Watson and Tyler Reidy along with Jacob Lawes and JJ Philips who placed third.

TeenAg and AgriKidsNZ are competitions, and networks of Clubs, aimed to be a precursor to The National Bank Young Farmer Contest. Teenagers and children interested in the competition or becoming part of a Club can contact National Office to register their interest on 0508 247 454.

Young Farmers calling for volunteers to help with quake cleanup

Young Farmers called upon to help with quake clean up

Just one of the mammoth tasks following the February 22nd Earthquake in Canterbury is to remove huge amounts of silt and sand from private properties. The Christchurch City Council has set the goal to have all private homes cleared of mess from liquefaction by the end of the week.

New Zealand Young Farmers is calling on its extensive network of past and present members to help reach this goal, aid in the clean-up and bring a little hope to the residents of Christchurch. Volunteers are being asked to donate their time on Wednesday March 2nd and Thursday March 3rd.

NZYF member Lisa Chapman is helping to coordinate the Federated Farmers led relief effort and says that more volunteers are needed.

“There are a lot of people out there that want to help but don’t necessarily know the best way to go about it. Come to the A&P grounds, sign up and we’ll point you in the right direction. It’s really rewarding and good to know that you’re making a difference in people’s lives following a very traumatic experience.”

Volunteers are asked to call NZYF National Office to advise of their desire to help and then register at the Canterbury A&P Showgrounds any day this week by 10am, with a focus on Wednesday and Thursday for major clean-up days. For those wishing to stay at the Showgrounds, a tent and sleeping bag is needed, food will be provided but volunteers should bring as much drinking water as possible.

Volunteers are also being asked to bring shovels and strong wheelbarrows; small tractors and diggers are also needed.

Pendarves Club chair Matt Whiteman has been helping out with the relief effort too. Matt doesn’t know anyone badly affected by the quake but just wanted to help the people of Christchurch.

“I’ve got a bit of spare time and saw how bad it was on the TV and thought I should just do my bit to help.”

“People are just so stoked to have us there, they can’t quite believe that people from all walks of life have just come together to help – they’re just overwhelmed by the support.”

“Some of these areas are pretty devastated and it’s a big task ahead of us so we can always do with more help. If you’re able to give a day or two of your time; get in touch with NZYF and make a difference.”

For those who might be unable to assist with the physical labour but still want to help; Selwyn District Council also needs volunteers to accompany building inspectors as welfare officers. Every house in East Christchurch needs to be visited and the welfare officer's role is to check on how people are doing for at least the next two weeks.

For more information:

Lisa Sutton,

NZYF Coordinator

03 303 3059



Canterbury earthquake Federated Farmers Sunday update

Canterbury earthquake Federated Farmers Sunday update

Today, 800 Federated Farmers members and volunteers removed over 1,000 tonnes of debris caused by Tuesday’s earthquake. What’s more, a daily average of some 200,000 litres of water has been delivered by Bleeker Contracting and Raymond Hart into the city. Federated Farmers own 0800 FARMING line was kept busy taking over 300 enquiries as well.

Christchurch clean up continues Monday

Federated Farmers is making an open request for as many loaders and diggers to a gross weight of three-tonne (a one tonne increase over yesterday) to join the clean up effort from Monday.

An estimated 1,000 tonnes of earthquake debris was today removed from the Christchurch suburb of New Brighton, heavily impacted by last Tuesday’s earthquake. In the last several days Federated Farmers has been working in St Martins and St Albans, with 240 volunteers being in St Albans yesterday.

Federated Farmers also wishes to advise that registrations are essential and commence at the A+P Showgrounds from 7.00am tomorrow through to 2pm. Given the need to brief and deploy volunteers, 2pm will now be the daily cut-off. It is no longer needed for volunteers to call Federated Farmers or to email us. Instead go to the showgrounds and register in person.

Key information for Monday 28 February 2011

Registrations: From 7.00am until 2.00pm

Location: A+P Showgrounds, Curletts Road, Christchurch

Equipment needed: Light loader tractors (three tonne maximum gross weight)

Light diggers (three tonne maximum gross weight)

Wheel barrows and shovels

Larger passenger vehicles including 4WD


Suitable clothing and personal protection equipment (eg gumboots essential with sunscreen, gloves, face masks etc))

Full change of clothing and toiletries

Packed lunches and bottled water

Accommodation: Camping facilities are available on site while local rugby clubs are also offering their facilities for volunteers. Make certain you bring personal effects, sleeping bag and a bed roll.

Federated Farmers wishes to publicly acknowledge Silver Fern Farms and Tegel Foods for donating food, NZ Safety for the donation of safety vests and Rabobank for its assistance. CRT is further supplying five 4x6 Tents to assist with accommodation.

This is a huge team effort and wouldn’t be possible without our very good friends from New Zealand Young Farmers, the Canterbury Rugby Football Union, Rural Woman NZ, Rural Contractors, the local residents and businesses of Christchurch and of course you, our farmers.

200,000 litres of water a day being transported into Christchurch

At a daily average of some 200,000 litres of water, over 600,000 litres has now been delivered by Bleeker Contracting and Raymond Hart since Thursday evening. This includes delivering water to the hospitals and restocking the underground tanks of the fire service.

The current priority is to restock the Diamond Harbour reservoir which has been emptied. Over 100,000 litres of water was being transported by Bleeker Contracting and Raymond Hart into Diamond Harbour this evening with more will follow tomorrow.

On Thursday morning, Silver Fern Farms kindly made its reservoir in Islington available to the effort. Once the tankers had rolled into Christchurch the very first order came in from the hospital for an immediate 200,000 litres. Since then other medical facilities have been restocked along with the Fire Service’s underground tanks.

Federated Farmers is aware of enthusiastic farmers driving water tankers into Christchurch off their own back. Anyone looking to bring water tankers into the city should first consult with Christchurch City Council and/or Civil Defence Logistics:

§ Christchurch City Council

Carol Clark 027 505 3847 (carol.clark-ccc@live.com)

§ Civil Defence Logistics

Fiona Nichol 027 605 0087 (cdem.logistics@gmail.com)

With shelter and accommodation

Last Friday, Campbell Live profiled the facilities that lie less than 30 minutes from Christchurch offering power, clean running water and cooking facilities. Federated Farmers has been unstinting in offering rural residents support to the authorities and a more detailed member advisory on this will be carried tomorrow. .

Fundraising for victims of the 2011 earthquake

Meat and Fibre farmers should expect details on how they can make a tangible contribution to victims of the earthquake tomorrow, as details are finalised with the Meat Industry Association.

Postal services update

Limited postal services will now resume on Tuesday 1 March. The extent of where NZ Post can deliver to or pick up mail from, is dependent on what areas are cleared by the authorities and deemed safe for its staff to access. There is also an issue with staff availability as well.

New Zealand Post is holding all mail and will update customers on its website on the areas it will be able to deliver mail to from Tuesday. For those addresses where it cannot deliver mail to, New Zealand Post will hold the mail at an alternative location for pickup (where a redirection is not in place). Details of pickup sites will be available on its website from Tuesday 1 March.

Important message to consumers

New Zealand Post is providing free mail redirection services for residential customers in the earthquake affected areas. To find out what this is defined as please click here. For a detailed list of NZ Post/Kiwibank branches operational, please click here.

Educational facilities

Primary and secondary

All schools across Christchurch city will remain closed until further notice. 18 state schools have major damage along with 11 state-integrated and five independent schools. 100 more received minor damage. To confirm if schools are open or closed, please click here.


Lincoln University: Is undamaged and fully functioning but has delayed opening for Semester One until Monday, 14 March, when lectures will commence

University of Canterbury (including the College of Education): Is closed until further notice but please refer to daily updates posted on its website.

Christchurch Polytechnic: Is closed until further notice with an update expected tomorrow.

Fuel update

Lyttelton Port’s core services are operational with the tanker Turoa berthing today to commence the unloading its fuel cargo. There are also three further tankers scheduled for Lyttelton over the next three days.

Rural supply merchants

All rural supply merchants along with Ravensdown and Ballance Agri-Nutrients are trading as normal.


Orion hopes to have restored power to 84 percent of its customers by this evening but warns that progress will now slow as it encounters severe damage.

Approximately 30,000 customers remain to be connected from tomorrow, most either in the eastern suburbs or the CBD. Orion has announced an ambitious target today of 95 percent of customers to be reconnected within the next seven days. This excludes customers who cannot be connected due to property damage and also the parts of the CBD which are still off limits.

Unforeseen disruptions, further aftershocks or altered priorities may prevent it from achieving this target, nevertheless it aims to do its best to reach it.

As well as restoring the main high voltage cables and lines, fixing the multitude of

cable faults on the network remains a huge task if it is to achieve its 95 percent target,

and it has many teams on this job.

Aside from Civil Defence priorities eg telecommunications, water and waste water

facilities, Orion’s priorities are:

§ Redcliffs, Sumner and Mt Pleasant: continuing with property by property damage assessments

§ Good progress on 66kV overhead line to Brighton substation.

Important messages for consumers

§ Small pockets across the city remain unconnected as a result of significant faults. It is working as hard as possible to restore power to these customers

§ The fragile nature of its network means there will inevitably be small unexpected power outages from time to time in areas already reconnected

§ Please DO NOT call its help line unless it is an emergency. Please be patient as it deals with urgent priorities

§ Use of generators. Consumers planning to use these MUST consult an electrician on how to use these safely. Plugging one into your house can re-connect neighbouring properties without them or you knowing it

§ Please conserve electricity. The power network is fragile. Turn off unnecessary

appliances such as heated towel rails, and keep lights etc to a minimum

§ If you are leaving your home, or do not have the power back on yet, turn the power off at the main switch, unplug all appliances at the wall and make sure the stove is turned off. This reduces the risk of fire when the power is restored. The Fire Service today reported they have attended three small house fires after power was restored.

Please see the attached map for a graphical representation:



Overall the Telecom network remains up and stable, all Telecom exchanges are operational with a combination of mains and generated power, as are the majority of mobile sites.

It continues to recommend people in Christchurch minimise the use of mobile phones and to use text messages instead of calls whenever possible to free up the network for emergency response workers. However, as the network is operational people should use their phones for important calls.

Its two Christchurch Gen-i data centres are operational, running on Business Continuity plans and its managed networks are running well. The police cordon remains around the CBD for public safety, restricting access to Telecom’s 109 Hereford Street site. If required, its generators are well fuelled to sustain service for a long period of time and it is working with clients to maintain services remotely.

More than 33,000 calls have been made from 260 free Telecom payphones across Christchurch. Free WiFi spots are also available at Telecom Riccarton Mall, Café Zero (Cashmere Rd), and the Westpac Centre (Addington).

Telecom customers in Christchurch can have their landline number diverted to another number for free. To do this, residential customers can call them on 120 and business customers can call them on 125. A relief package from Telecom Wholesale is enabling other telecommunications retailers to support their affected home and business customers as well.

Important messages for consumers

§ Change your voicemail message to let callers know the time, date and your location and, if possible, alternate contact details to provide some reassurance should mobile phone batteries go flat given the difficulties with power supply.

§ Where possible, use corded landline phones that plug directly into the wall as these do not require power.

§ Customers with friends or family with a prepaid Telecom mobile can call 0800 32 32 32 and top up their prepaid credit on their behalf.

Road closures

Lyttelton Tunnel reopened over the weekend and Environment Canterbury is updating its list of closed roads in Christchurch twice daily on the Christchurch Earthquake website.

Can farmers assist urban residents with storage?

It is no secret that this earthquake has compounded the severe damage from September. It is now sadly clear that many houses will be uninhabitable for some time and this is seeing many residents now enquire about storage for household effects. If you are in a position to assist, then please call 0800 327 646 (0800 FARMING) from 9am on Monday or email by clicking here.

Government earthquake helpline

The Government’s helpline is 0800 779 997. The Earthquake Commission can be contacted on 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243).

Red Cross helpline including missing persons

If you are concerned about the wellbeing of friends and relatives in Christchurch, you should call 0800 REDCROSS (0800 733 276).

Federated Farmers Christchurch office is closed until further notice

Federated Farmers Christchurch office is closed due to damage until further notice.

For general information, please contact:

0800 FARMING (0800 327 646)

Federated Farmers earthquake spokesperson:

John Hartnell

Phone: 03 349 5590
021 578 754

For contacts in North Canterbury:

Neil Stott

Federated Farmers North Canterbury provincial president
Phone: 03 318 8577
Mobile: 027 355 4636

Pam Richardson

Federated Farmers Banks Peninsula branch chairperson
Phone: 03 304 6825
Mobile: 027 447 8551

Murray Rowlands

Federated Farmers North Canterbury Grain & Seeds chairperson

Phone: 03 317 9401

Mobile (text please): 027 242 9542

Kieran Stone

Federated Farmers North Canterbury Dairy chairperson

Mobile: 027 558 8917

Dugald McLean

Federated Farmers North Canterbury Meat & Fibre chairperson

Phone: 03 313 5442

Graeme Albon

Federated Farmers Bees committee member

Phone: 021 025 20328

Vicky O’Connor

Federated Farmers Field Officer

Phone: 027 432 0218


Get lost Turkey!

Hmm..........the way this lot were going on today they reminded me of our parliament down in Wellington during those question and answering sessions they have . I guess there comes a time when it's hard to distinguish the turkeys from the politicians. Shame the months have had the letter 'r' in them otherwise................blanked.................. oh well enough complaints out there. GET LOST TURKEY! And thus ended another hot muggy insane day here at the Mad Bush Farm..