One of my little Spring Reminders

Portrait of a Beef Cross Calf

I've had an idea of creating some rural themed artworks for cards. I'd value your opinions on this. This is the first one of perhaps a series?

Other than that things have been going here at the farm. Finally I have a garden the cows can't break into and neither can the two remaining chickens we have here. I'm missing Maggie and her antics things are just that bit quieter and less crazy. BUT The Terrorist has made up for that with her naughty escapes just to come and see her 'mummy' at 4 am in the morning.

Meantime I saw The Carpet today while I was up taking care of my Mum. He's woollier,fatter and over at Terry's place munching away on the new grass. One day I guess we might catch that crazy sheep. Mayhem still going on so I'm trying to blog where I can,

Love to all
Liz and the girls