Eutopia - A good Place

"So far, over three years off and on, we have built five ferrocement domes joined with arches around a courtyard with a ferrocement fountain carved as a blue lotus, a part of the cloister wall, with pillars carved with two fairy-gnomes, and a moongate with a 6-metre guardian gull over it. And two ferrocement tables, one with a spiral support, the other carved with a picture of a man and woman, and the caption ‘Live hand in hand, and together we’ll stand, on the threshold of a dream.’ (from the Moody Blues song)."
-  Extracts from Fantastic Ferrocement by Peter Harris. (2004)

Driving back home yesterday from Warkworth with my Mum, we decided it was high time we had a stop at Kaiwaka, and checked out the cheese shop that we keep meaning to visit every time we go through. Like everything, it just seemed to be left. While I had the brief chance, I managed to get a few shots of the amazing Eutopia Cafe. It's a walk in work of art that resembles a cross between Noah's Ark and something out of the Realms of Fantasy.

The roof tops inspire imaginings from the tales of the Arabian Nights. We'd be forgiven for thinking it was a step from reality into a literal dream time of the creator's imagination. All we would need is for the characters of fantasy to step out of the books and become three dimensional people.

It's the entrance that really impresses. Themes of the ocean intermingled with something from out of Lord of the Rings. Celtic type knotwork design adds to the illusion that at any moment Gandalf the Grey might just step out and greet his visitors. The owners have a website that you can check out here. It's worth a read

Next time I'm in Kaiwaka I'm going to make sure I stop there and have a really good look and also enjoy their legendary organic food they have there.


Talk about One eyed!

Sinks are meant to be used for washing dishes right? Well yes, they are supposed to used for the dishes, even though I hate doing the damned things but sometimes there other uses for sinks. There I am, gasbagging on the phone to a good friend and....kids show up they were conspiring against me.  Usual racket and of course I'm half deaf, so that doesn't help much when one is trying to have a polite conversation on said communications device. Whoever invented kids should have supplied a mute button with remote.  Ah-hem! So where were we again? Oh yes that's right the conversation. There we are talking then Inaya in her wisdom frantically waves he hands like one of those windmills and says.."Mum...there's a frog in our sink". She gets waved away the conversation is way too important right then to take in what she had actually said. Says it again more insistent this time. So I tell her to go and sort the thing out. Crash rattle bash.....muttering noises...more crashing and a croaking sound. Yes that's what I said a croaking sound. And no the frog had not croaked it. Somehow, a frog had indeed decided to make our sink its home. Not just any frog at that this was a one-eyed frog. I was starting to think that I was staring at a Gary Larsen Farside cartoon. The one where it has all those three eyed gophers sticking out of the holes with noses, where their eyes should be and eyes where their noses should be...and in the distance is the sign that's scrawled on it "Nuclear Waste Dump"? Yes that cartoon. Said one-eyed frog was carefully removed from the sink in question and sent back to the pond where it came from. I should have got the amphibian to do the dishes before it left the premises. Darn!