Oh dear it's Rugby World Cup Fever?

With the Rugby World Cup being held here in New Zealand we're starting to see the Camper Vans with the rugby mad tourists appearing back on the roads.  Mad Bush had better ready the rugby team just in case some of the tourists want to get into a scrum with the local wildlife around the place.

I'll make sure I get some big gorilla types to be the Referees, shove on some black gumboots myself and get out there and be the loud mouthed support (all one of me). I would hate to think of what the outcome would be. The Mad Bush Team vs International Rudgy World Cup Rugby Nuts. Makes for really lousy Headliner I'd think. Anyway in a couple weeks or so give or take the big boys of rugby will sort  other out.

My dad was always a huge rugby fan. If there was a game on the television, one would be sure that if they couldn't find dad he would be downstairs in the basement with the TV on, with his eyes glued firmly on our national team The New Zealand All Blacks. Usually his favourite games were NZ All Blacks vs The South African Springboks, or NZ All Blacks vs The British Lions. When the game was on the kids were required to zip it, as in keep quiet and don't interrupt the game. To open one's mouth when Dad was watching his rugby game was to do so at one's peril. He passed away 14 years ago watching his favourite sport on the TV. I miss my dad, as do all of my rather large family. He was never without a dull moment, was our dad.