I'd rather have that Chicken for dinner! And a big thank you to Leslie from Flowers of Life and to Rae for the awards

Why is it that sometimes dearly loved and very very spoiled little calves referred to as the Terrorist decide the nice feed she was given just wasn't cutting it two nights ago. No she wanted the chicken for dinner. Chicken feathers for dessert after the nice bottle would just finish her dinner off nicely. No the chicken dinner was just a little too quick for the Terrorist to catch. And in the end the chickens got the Terrorist's feed as well.

On another note - I'm in the middle of deadlines at the moment for our community newspaper so it's back to editor mode for me. so no I haven't gone off whistling somewhere into the sunset. I'll be over to say Hi to everyone in the next day or so. So for now HI GUYS!!!

Leslie and Rae - thanks so much for the awards. I will be over to say a huge thank you and of course post about it as well. Thanks both you!!!

And as for the previous post. I don't like Trolls simple as that. Trolls get deleted. The next troll that comes along making comments like our friend's below will be deleted and not acknowledged.

I have a whole list of great websites and blogs coming up to post about and more photos and more news.

Til then Take care everyone and thanks for being great friends.

Love and hugs

Reply to Big Cat on their comment re The Lion Man

Seems someone has a problem with keeping their comments to a more civilised tone when it comes to venting their feelings about Craig Busch. People like Big Cat are referred to on the internet as a Troll. Here's Big Cat's comment:

when you people going to wake up and get behind craig, im sick of hearing all this pety crap from ma bousch, you dont know what your going to lose ifzion goes down, those cats are craigs life if you lose them your kids may never see a real lion,so come on get your fngers from up your bum and back the man,its time to be counted NZ THE UK ARE WATCHING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well actually we have loads of Lions in New Zealand we're not that backwards.

Funny I didn't think the UK had eyes. Besides Big Cat there's such thing as getting your head out of the sand. Nobody is giving Craig a hard time. The whole thing is very very sad. My own kids were very upset to hear Craig was no longer in control of Zion. The truth is he put himself in that situation and is now working to resolve it. And caught in the middle were the animals concerned. Read the MAF reports and get with the picture. I see clearly you're new to blogger get with the programme here. There's a little rubbish bin for deleting rude comments. Yours I've left for the moment. Next time Big Cat don't come on my blog and make such stupid statements the last one is enough said. Yeah? You and whose army. Get a life sunshine and read things properly. Trolls I don't tolerate nor will anyone else in blogger. And for those in the UK who read this I'd say they will be cringing at your comments.

One of our Bloggers had this to say about our friend Big Cat's comment

Hey Liz...I HAD to comment on this last comment from Big Cat...because we all are entitled to our own opinions......so with that said...Might I add...that maybe its best that Zion closes rather than have mistreatment of animals if that was going on....from whats said...he wasnt a good employer, son, boyfriend, or protector of animals...I dont see any fingers up anyones bums there! There are big cats all over the world where they dont belong..God intended them in the wild anyway, its humans fault that they are declining and forced to live in a small cage or area...its not natural, and tho I love zoos so that my and my kids can see wildlife...its not the natural order of things....it seems that those who claim to protect animals they sometimes do more damage...you can delete this if you want liz...not wanting to get into a pissing contest...but I had to speak my mind....with that said later my dear friend! Thanks for reporting like you do with everything- an open mind and I'm sorry some people cant see that!

Well said. So Big Cat your opinion is welcome but next time keep it civilised or don't bother.

I'm posting this so others can see your comments. Thanks anyway for your opinion



Photo Essay - Nature's Textures as Art

Images taken on my farm Maungaturoto Northland New Zealand

I was sent this warning message - now the ducks have turned bad!

This warning message was sent to me by Cats. His last words were...Run for your lives and souls...I fear for him and the kitties Basement Cat may be near..........What is it with minions! You can't even trust your favourite rubber ducky anymore.....


Monday's Kitty pics

Just two little words...Double Trouble!!!!

The same old afternoon routine (and morning!)

Living on a farm means certain chores have to be done on a daily basis. Stock water for one and in summer there's the twice a day trudge up the hill to the top of the farm and fill up the troughs. We don't have a water system in yet so yours truly has to fill the trough up for the cows and check Sasha's big water buckets then top them up.

The routine it seems is well known by our six chickens who think there's something to gain from following me down the driveway. They get to the bridge get nothing of course (you can't eat buckets!) then head back up to our house wierd but true.

Dream always comes for a walk. Some take dogs I take...a cat?
Getting up the hill River (who is still mummy's baby - she was my first calf I raised) was right there expecting her piece of bread and of course her cuddle, I have to watch those horns of hers sharp!

Sasha is looking heaps healthier and happier since we moved her. She's put on heaps of weight and is finally starting to look like her old self again.

I had friends visit yesterday which was nice. It may be a trudge up that hill but I really enjoy the walk - so does Dream.LOL!


Group Therapy for Cats the old lock em in a room trick

Who ever thought we'd end up doing this kind of stuff. Well it worked. Dream and Emerald found they weren't going anywhere. We put the kitties into the room and left them too it. Just stayed kept quiet and watched.It was hilarious. Growl spit snarl growl spit snarl. Sasquatch tried to be the big tough, but very tiny kitty, and stuck his fur out at Dream, who growled twice as loud and was several times bigger. At the moment things are growly but no claws are out...yet. We'll just keep at it and in time perhaps Dream and Emerald will get more tolerant. The older cats are now happily coming in and out of the house without taking off the moment they see the two little monsters in training appear. Little monsters they are but...cute. Too cute mutter. More stuff to write but the day has been long and I'll post some more about today tomorrow.

What I found when I was clearing up some more art stuff

Interesting what you find when you start clearing out old stuff. I found the two drawings of the horses and the Hereford Cow I had done in 2003 at the Helensville show in an old folder still as good as new. The little pig below I drew from one of my photos a couple of days ago just for some drawing practice. He''s a little scribbly but little piglets tend to be scribbly.LOL!

So far it's been an interesting day. Group therapy with the cats is getting there. Emerald and Dream have now decided they will come inside and sort of tolerate their new family members. Growling is still on the things to do list but things are improving. More to blog but yet again I have visitors coming. Be back a little later with the rest of the day's updates and what happened when we did finally do a proper meet the new kitties introduction with Dream and Emerald and of course some more photos. Will catch up with everyone's blogs too and thanks everyone for your great comments. have a great day today

Liz and the crew

Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committee Conspiracy

I tell you these two have caused havoc. This is a quick post. I've had family here the last few days and my favourite sister - in-law and brother-in-law dropped in today as well. We had a great night and of course they loved the two little ittie bittie kitties running around like little monsters in training. I can see them taking over things now...groan. More in the morning. Everyone have a great night/morning be back a little later after I get some sleep.