Whacky Hair Day!!!!

Whacky Hair Day was today so my middle daughter decided to ask mum to get her picture taken. Lots of kids went to Maungaturoto Primary School today with lots of outrageous and crazy hair does. Makes for a some fun for everyone.

Maggie May Our very first and most expensive Chicken

Meet Maggie May our very first chicken. We raised her alongside a baby turkey we had found. Sadly the turkey died at around six months old from a leg injury. Maggie is a heritage breed Black Astralorp hen. A year or so back she got sick from worms and cost us $85 in vet bills. She's still here and turning three on the 1st of November this year. She's our favourite and the brightest of the entire now six hens we have here. I wrote a story for the Rural Living about her titled "No Poultry Emotion" lets just say lesson learned - the hard and expensive way.

15kg Terrorist getting just that bit bigger

Another week on and she's bigger, greedier and figuring out that she's meant to eat the green stuff. Now onto 3.5 Litres twice a day that small little jersey calf is now catching up with the calves my kids are looking after at the Calf Club. Dehorning will be coming up shortly - that won't be so pleasant for her. Hopefully the weather will start to be kind to us again. Five days of showers and rain and everything is turning to mud again. Got to get the tags on now as well. Oh fun....