Sometimes..I wonder..Why oh why I have this lot!

A pot bellied Terrorist aged 22 months that is too cute for her own good

Certified Professional Fence wrecker and walking carpet

Cat Supervises hooman to fix the fencing
(after the Professional Fence wrecker has done his worst)

Don't forget to wash behind the ears!

Cleaner cat?

Yes my paw haz sharp claws waiting for you hooman

Stop looking!

Hmmmmm.....will it keep them out today?

Planning to enter house to raid Cat Biscuits going on inside Maggie May's little chicken brain

Loud Dog tells chickens to get out of it!

I haz big teeth!

Oi! I said Get out of it!

Oh good now I get a biscuit!



Oh go away stoopid hooman and let me sleep and tell that dog to can it!


What chickens get up to when your back is turned - Maggie May strikes again

Hmmmm................I go up to clear the mailbox. Forget to close the door and end up with the above happening. Evil chicken.

demotivational posters DEPRESSION
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demotivational posters
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Up close and...eaten?

They tried to eat me? Me? Conclusion......Sandpaper Tongues and humans aren't an item.
Oh and the rest below was me being silly with my camera again today. Other than that I had an awesome weekend. I went to a very special place with my girls, Amy and her kids. But that's still being written about. And I just realised the Terrorist turned 22 months on the 29th of May. Where has time gone.. just as well cows don't fly isn't it. I shudder to think.