Artstuff - Sahara Rock Art Giraffes & Hunter

I did this one earlier this year. Our local cafe has it hanging on their wall. I think people are still trying to figure out what's on it!!! Two Giraffes, a hunter (which I had to make up out of my head!) and a gazelle like figure which I also made up. The whole thing was made up with tissue paper,pva glue and heaps of oil paint onto a canvas board. It turned out really well. Oh well back to work...

Baby in the Buttercups

The Terrorist is now ten weeks old still small and still waking me up early in the am. She decided the grass looked more interesting than staring at her Mum through the window. I couldn't not take a photo before I head out for a few hours..work as usual..mutter


A Shameless Plug - Rae has opened her shop!!!

My wonderful friend Rae has opened her shop..so I'm spreading the word!!!!!

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Okay so it's a shameless plug...good!!!!!

Art African Wildlife - Elephant Project

After my little episode with leaving the job and all I decided to sit down and draw something. And I went back to my old bad habit of looking at animal pictures while I was trying to figure out what to draw. The kids had been given this old Wildlife Safari Book which..I "borrowed" and didn't end up putting down. I have a love for African Wildlife. My ultimate dream was to go to Kruger National Park for year and years and do nothing but paint or draw the wildlife. Dreams don't cost a cent - the trip would! Based the drawing on a photo of an African Bull elephant. Here's the first level of the drawing. I'll be rendering it up in pencil over the few days so I'll post up the next stage as I go. One tip when it comes to drawing animals..learn about them as well. It helps to understand how they go together. I start off with very simple shapes then add the detail from there. When this one is done Rae I'll finish off the UFO Farmer picture!

Hey You Guys!!!!!

Friday afternoon on the Farm. I had a better day today. Got things done at work and came home to a bunch of creatures yelling their heads off for hay and of course the Terrorist figured out Mum had come home. Grass is looking better we've had some rain and sunshine in between. Took some shots while I was feeding out. First photo is Micah II our young bull. He's a nice little guy but..he's still a bull we'll be putting him in with the girls shortly. Hopefully next year we'll see some calves on the ground. Next one is off our oldest horse Edward down in our bush paddock. He's now 28yrs old. First Cross quarter horse and I just love riding him. Last but no least dearly loved Sasha. 22 years old still a little unwell but she's improving everyday. Well suppose I had better be good and do something like....absolutely nothing but plan this blog Rae and I have been conspiring on.


Artstuff - One of my forgotten projects

I discovered this unfinished drawing of a Farmer I had started around a year or so back. I took the image from a small newspaper clipping I had rescued. The guy had so much character to his face that I just had to draw him. Bad habit UFO's (Un Finished Objects) a bit like Kathleens's BEAS Disease that's even more fatal!!!!! I'm behaving. The art shop is about an hours drive away the distance makes me behave.....for the moment

A wet nose through my window!!!!

I gave up my Property Manager's job yesterday and I know I made the right decision. Home today to sort things out on the paperwork but I decided to take a break and read the paper. Things here at the farm have been quiet apart from Peter the Farm manager on Terry's place next door coming down to check the calves they've just weaned. I'm so used to the farm bike by now you won't see me out complaining.

I'm sitting there and a wet nose came through my window!!!!

I had the camera right there so I took some photos of the Terrorist trying to get her head through the window so she could eat my fingers!!! She is just so funny. I doubt she will ever leave this farm. I'm far too soft for my own good I reckon!!!

A great big thanks to all you guys that emailed me and showed such concern and caring. Rae - from the bottom of my heart you are awesome..and that wannabe blog is gonna happen girl!!!

Today I am going to just..chill.


A note to Kathleen on the chicken photos

The answer on the chicken stuff is yes go for it!!!!

Have fun and look forward to seeing that sketch


Art Stuff - Mathesons Bay Leigh NZ Sketch 2004

This was one of those sit on the hill for an afternoon and draw rocks. Mathesons Bay is a beautiful sandy sheltered place where during summer families make the most of. While my house was being finished I stayed with my Mum who had a lovely house on the coast. I spent a lot of my time just driving around taking photos and drawing in between sorting out my new place here on the farm. Had a lot of fun doing this one. Sometime I'll get back there again and do some more sketches.

My Three Beautiful Daughters

This was a photo my younger sister took of my three lovely girls and my gorgeous nephew Malachi in 2006. My eldest is Bronny and this shot was taken at her 21st Birthday held at one of my elder sisters places. Bronny has done so well. She went to San Diego University last year on an echange programme and topped her semester in her Psychology major. She has just completed her honours this year and will start her PHD in Psychology. I have amazing kids. My nephew Malachi is currently over in Japan with his Mum lucky them!!!!


A lovely Photo taken by Inaya

Inaya used her new camera she got from her Dad to take this great shot of Michelle her younger sister down in our bush. Clever Inaya!!!

More Art - African Wildlife Animals in Conflict

I did this picture during a time in my life when I was going through a lot of conflict. I've kept it even though it isn't exactly of a subject most would find attractive. I took the image from an old National Geographic I had and left out all but two of the subjects on the original image. I did this around nine years back. I still like it even though it's a little faded and dusty. I have a serious weakness for animals - all kinds even the ones considered unattractive. Life at times can be full of conflict but we move on and things get better.

Photos from this morning

Monday morning and Michelle my youngest has the flu..so I have had to stay home and it's been raining. Means the grass should now have a good boost in growth. We need it. Got up early to find Feather (aka The Dumb chicken) soaking wet and looking like a roast turkey. Wrong of time of year guys..Christmas isn't yet here. What a ditz!! I had to take a photo. The other two chickens are Dusty and Picken. Inaya named them even though these funny little birds follow me all over the farm. Caught Emerald later taking a catnap on an old feed sack. I was going to drench the cattle today but with the rain using a pour-on won't be happening until dry weather comes again. Maggie showed up grumpy and as cranky as ever what's new. Better go and move some stock I guess. Til later take care all.

Off the Farm - Tree Fern in the Kauri Bushmans Reserve Paparoa

Ten minutes from us is the Kauri Bushman's Reserve. It's one place very few of the tourists ever bother going too probably because it's off the beaten track and down a rough gravel road. Here's one of the many photos I took during my last visit there earlier this year


Some photos from around the farm

Not too much has been going on the last few days and work has got in the way of everything as usual. Here's a few photos I took around the farm during the last two days. My heritage grape vine "Bishop Pompallier" has decided this year it likes its new home and at last some leaves are starting to appear. I don't think we'll be eating any grapes this year perhaps next if all goes well that is. My first lily has appeared in our pond. I've been waiting for three years for this particular tropical variety to finally flower - it was worth it.. Maggies' little hoard of eggs -we counted around ten (I stole all but one!). The Terrorist decided Sasha's empty feed bucket was worth investigating so I had to take a photo. She's small but so funny and I shouldn't really let her out around the house but I do. Well that's all for now folks. Until the next time..take care all.

A quick scribble of the calf

Work has got in the way the last few days. Today I decided to take a break and do one of my quick scribbles. Couldn't resist attempting to draw the Terrorist. No bad but it needs more work. I could pick it to pieces -but I'll leave the bad habit of mine until another day.