Life is just something you gotta take as it comes

Sometimes it's good just to get something back in your life that really has been missed. It's been three years since I've raised any calves and having Lily arrive here a couple of days of go has been something really good.

Things here at the farm haven't really been the same since many of our animals have either been sent on, or have died. We have no more chickens left. The dog finished off the last of them a few weeks ago. It was sad not seeing any more of our feathered family friends out there in the morning.  Maggie is missed most of all.

River and the Terrorist are as usual AWOL and over at Terry's again. Which means another trip over there to get them back. Nothing new there. Lily is only here until next year then she is going over to her real owner's place to stay and grow up. We're taking care of her for now until then.

It's really good to see Michelle taking such an interest in helping to take care of Lily. This time we have to keep her either tethered or penned. The dog is not the kind to be trusted and most likely he would hurt her so we're not prepared to take the risk. Simon likes to chase and kill everything that he can. He's hard work most of the time but he saved the girl's lives two years ago and that I can't forget.

I had a lovely time with my mum and one of sisters the other day. We went out for a nice coffee and just talked about the good things in life. There's been a few hiccups here at home on that side of the fence. I haven't been blogging much at all - because simply there hasn't been much to write about. Maybe now things may brighten up a little with the spring coming on and a very wet winter now over.

I'll admit it again this calf is so cute it isn't funny. Just like the Terrorist was - little Lily will steal lots of hearts. The Terrorist will not be pleased to know she has a competitor for her human mummy's love. I can just see the tantrum going on now. And yes she does have tantrums and sometimes sleeps outside the door just to remind me she is still my baby jersey even though she is now three years old. There's a video just below to watch. Not much really Lily wasn't doing anything but just stand there. Here's to another mad day on our crazy farm. Hope everyone is happy and taking life - without being serious. I know I need to not be so serious about anything anymore. Not healthy I reckon.


And I said I'd never do it again? Yeah right!

Gilly with said new arrival........

Either it's Spring Fever or I am completely nuts. YES the above is a calf that has come to live with the Mad Bush Farm family for a while. We've named this little waif Lily. And guess who gets the twice a day job of feeding said little madam jersey calf for the next three months at least...*mutters loudly*

 She arrived late this morning in the back of Gilly's four wheel all full of life and ready to um...bunt backsides and anything else within bunting range. As with all little calves little Lily focuses on only one thing in her tiny little life. BOTTLE!

When one is deprived of said BOTTLE! then of course hell breaks loose, and the human idiot that decided to take up the role of being substitute mother to a tiny bovine dictator knows exactly what she is in for....*sighs*

As you can see from the said incriminating photos anything will do as something to suck on until the bottle has returned at stated time of 4 pm...and then in the morning at 8 a.m. *considers the drooping eye lids and the 'oh heck here we go again' line* Well anyway she is cute, too cute as all little jersey calves are (Terrorist is still too cute for her own good and currently awol at my neighbours - again). She was calved on September 18th so a bit too late for calf day at the school the kids go to - but we're taking her anyway just so she can join the parade for a bit of fun. She'll be heading to her real owner's place after weaning. But for now for a good and dear friend we'll be looking after this little monkey. Now will someone PLEASE call the men with the white coats to come and take me away.....oh nuts!