Notes from the Land of Gonzo - Who said Autistic kids can't create?

Supposedly Autistic kids or adults cannot create or have any free imagination. I beg to differ on that. I have Aspergers myself and yet I can create original drawings from out of my own imaginings. My cartoons speak for themselves and I love doing them. My youngest daughter Michelle was diagnosed with Autism just before her third birthday. It took 3 long hard years to teach her how to hold a pencil and a crayon properly. Drawing a circle wasn't mastered until she was nearly 8 years old and from that point on Michelle's creativity took off on its own.

A few days ago I presented Michelle with a book of blank pages and challenged her to draw from two photos. I told her to avoid making the drawings exactly the same as the image, but to use her own interpretations. I advised her on the first drawing where she might like to put more shading - but other than that I left Michelle to do her own creating. Well above are the results. The first one was an African Lion named Subu who passed away recently at a grand age at a UK Zoo. The other is a Black Rhino that was killed recently by poachers and her calf eaten by predators. Both sad stories but the images also gave Michelle an opportunity to create using photos as a reference. Some would call her an Autistic Savant..but the truth is the ability is already there all I had to do was to challenge her a little more. Well the results speak for themselves. We all have that gift of creativity it's how we encourage it in our kids that matters. To me a simple line is creative and if your child brings you a drawing with one line praise them! Don't criticise encourage a thousand drawings and in the end it will open up a whole new world and in the process open up the mind to a lot of new possibilities.


Just when I thought it was safe....I met a minion..again

Above is an incriminating image of Amy's new Basement Cat Minion named Chowder. Amy took this photo of Chowder sinking his teeth and claws into MY ARM! Please excuse the shouting. Chowder is your true dedicated Minion of Basement Cat. He bites the other cats, the dog, the kids, me, my kids and of course Amy. Nothing is safe from Chowder. He is truly evil and of course Sasquatch, in his evilness, would be pleased he has another evil friend to continue the tradition of biting stoopid hoomans and sticking claws into their arms. Amy thanks for letting me post this..somewhat concerning image. I'm still counting the scratches....