Now this is a really good Website!! Living off the Smell of an Oily Rag

I was just over in another tab reading the Northern Advocate local Northland news and I came across an interesting article about the price of milk. Most of it I already knew as in why is it we pay $5 plus for two litres of milk when it has a fancy brand name on it - less for the plain brand stuff. Simple really. The flash label stuff you pay through the nose for is to pay the marketing people their fat salaries for putting up flashy adverts on our TV screens to tell you to buy their product. Our dairy farmers certainly aren't getting that slice of the dairy product pie. The payout is at $5.10 per kilo of milk solid. According to the guys on the Living off the Smell of an Oily Rag website it takes 12 litres of milk to make up 1kg (that's about 4 pounds give or take) of butterfat. I was reading it in their discussion forum. Anyway this site is worth checking out loads of tips on how to save money on all kinds of things. I'll be putting this one on the sidebar. Check it out.

Oh Noes! The Mean Hooman took Sasquatch to the vets

Dream Cat says Don't worry Sasquatch the mean Hooman will get a taste of my deadly claws...

Yesterday Morning the mean Hooman put poor little innocent Celing Cat Follower Sasquatch into a cage. Then the mean hooman took him for a ride in a noisy moving box with wheels and an engine to the vets. Sasquatch got fixed..now the mean Hooman is in very BIG trouble with Sasquatch. His friends will make that mean hooman pay for this......


Six days later....

Emerald is home safe and sound. She turned up yesterday looking a little worse for wear and very very hungry. I think she must have ended up stuck in a tree. Emerald likes to hunt possums and will climb trees just to get them. Thank you everyone for your caring and love. Emerald sends everyone purrs and hugs.


Stick Insects and a very appropriate punishment for wayward young snails

Lazy Sunday Afternoon..nice for some

I am totalled. I've spent the entire weekend gardening and looking for a missing cat. Emerald has been missing now for five days. We can't find her and Inaya is heart broken. We've rung the SPCA and notified the vets but so far nobody has seen her. Tomorrow will be another day but it's strange not having Emerald around anymore. We miss her despite having three other cats here to fill the void.

Yesterday despite the gloom over the missing cat Inaya found a Stick Insect
Crazy looking critters Stick Insects. We have green and brown ones all around the garden and farm. A quick search on the net and I found entire websites dedicated to keeping Stick Insects as pets. Well I suppose that's different. I like them but for a pet? Nah. No I have this for a pet...
A pot-bellied Terrorist with an obsession for chicken feathers and old ice cream containers. She drank all the chickens water out of it as well and ate their bread. 8 months old and getting rather large I might add and those horns are sharp and badly in need of being taken off by the vet. Hopefully we can get that done sooner rather than later.And last but not least this naughty snail..
Serves him right for all those lettuces he ate during the night without asking first....