Life is a beach - Happy 2015

I never thought I would say this after feeling rather anti-christmas in the end I had a great christmas day with the family down at my sisters. It was great to be able to take mum down. She hasn't been well for a while. We're doing our best to make sure she is helped out and things are done so she doesn't have to do so much at home. I've really enjoyed the last few weeks. I have so much to write about that it won't all fit in one blog post.  There is me (with my gumboots on) enjoying an early evening down at Whakapirau beach a few days before the new year kicked in. I couldn't resist taking my trusty old mad bush farmer gummies and getting a gumboot selfie just for the heck of it.

We had a very wet start to our summer with lots of unseasonal rain and storms along with it. My grass though has bolted. After two consecutive droughts, and a horrible very wet winter the warmth and the rain combined have been very welcomed. Finally after almost three years I have grass again. It's helped I've been slowly but surely fixing all the fences so the animals aren't running all over the farm. I'm a bit sad though that our local dairy farmers have been told they will have a very low end of season payout. That makes it very difficult for many farming families across the country. One thing I love about our community here is that people will help others in need out. Hopefully our farmers will get through this difficult time. One of my Twitter followers Marilyn calls herself an AGvocate,. That's a cool term Me too. Maybe I'm an AGvocate too because I love farming life and fully support our farmers who feed our country.

We sent the old man off the farm for a while because we just didn't have the grass to support him. He's come home for a few days while my neighbour is away. He looks so much better. Little Shadia (photo above) has really improved in her temperament. No more biting or kicking people. She's doing really well. I'll handle her more over summer then break her in so my little great nieces and nephews can ride on her when they visit.  I'll leave you with my youngest daughter Michelle at her end of year school concert singing the beautiful song Linden Lea. Sorry about the poor quality my little camera isn't the best for indoor recording


Happy Christmas from all of us at the Mad Bush Farm #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

We've had a quiet Christmas morning here on the farm. The kids and I went and visited my mum with a special Christmas breakfast and a present. The horses got some treats from us and so far despite being a little cloudy it's promising to be a beautiful day. Have a wonderful christmas wherever you are in the world. Love from us all at the Mad Bush Farm in Northland New Zealand.


Over Christmas madness so I took a back road #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

You know when you get that feeling that you've had enough of festive season madness. All over the social media pages the christmas lights and thumpy music is being pounded out on videos taken by I-phones and all the other electronic age gadgets folks seem to can't do without. I'm over the videos. the adverts full of buy this horribly expensive item or your kids will hate if you don't kind of blackmail. I'm over the craziness and the mad rush to get the best christmas tree, the shiniest decorations and the biggest presents. Yesterday I wanted to go and get my dear mum something special. It wasn't big or expensive and it involved a drive on the back roads to get to where I needed to be. After picking up a couple of cute little pomegranate trees then renegotiate the rough as guts road with a couple of washouts in between I got back onto the long winding gravel road to head home again. I took my time I didn't feel like being in a hurry; not when I had spotted some glorious views of the surrounding countryside with the Otamatea river winding its way inland towards Maungaturoto and the mountain Pukeareinga. So I stopped for a good long 20 minutes and just took it all in. Beautiful isn't it. I'm feeling a little more festive now I took that back road away from the rush and pressure. As a friend of mine likes to write on his Kauri Coast Visitor Information Facebook page "Take a back road.....see where it leads" Indeed it's something worth doing. Happy Christmas everyone and don't forget to take a back road sometime and see where it leads......


There was no gingerbread house in this saga! #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

Once upon a time there was a stubborn little grey horse going by the name of Spirit. When all his friends the other little horses happily came out from the 6 acre paddock - Spirit refused to follow. For six long months we had tried to get him out of there. No amount of food, threats, promises of lots of attention could sway him to leave that haven he now had all to himself. Every evil plan concocted up by the Mad Bush Farmer failed in misery. I almost gave up; until two days ago when I had just one more evil plan up my sleeve. So down I went and cut the fence open at the bottom of the driveway and left it open. You would have thought the little horse would have come out. Noooo.........he stayed stubbornly under a tree refusing to budge. This time giving up wasn't an option. I needed him out of there and that was that. With a pile of bread and carrots a tempting trail was made out of that darned paddock.  It only took four hours but finally out he came and I shut the fence back up behind him.


Hello Summer it's about time you got here #FarmVoices

I've been wondering when our summer weather was coming. We've had a rather wet couple of months with low temperatures and very poor pasture growth. It's finally starting to warm up again. I haven't dared plant anything for the garden because the soil was just too wet, and the wind just kept on blowing a gale. It hasn't helped my rather bluish mood being frustrated by endless wind and rain. I am over it completely. Outside is a better day and I should be out there fixing my garden up so the cows can't get into it, and destroy everything like they did last year. I gave up in the end. I've had no incentive to blog of late. I'm out job hunting and so far no joy, which has made me feel rather blue and not worth much of anything. I've redone my CV several times but the odds are against me with my age for starters. It seems once you get over that magic 40 plus age mark - nobody wants to know. But I'll keep on persisting and not give up. Somewhere out there is the perfect job made just for me. That all aside, I've had plenty of reason to be very proud of my kids. My youngest had a part in the Otamatea Repertory Theatre's production of the Wind in the Willows. She played the part of the horse, sorry no photos because of copyright issues relating to the play and costumes - fair enough. I saw it last Sunday afternoon and what a delight it all was. So much fun. I needed something like that to lighten my rather dejected mood.  Michelle is also developing a very beautiful voice. She's joining a combined choir to sing christmas carols with a mixed harmony of sopranos and baritone singers of all ages. I am really looking forward to hearing them all later this month. It's so close now to Christmas I can't believe the year has gone so fast! Inaya has been working hard to obtain her Grand Prior for her St John Youth Cadet. She's finally achieved it - we were so over the moon. She tells me she is going to be going for her Sergeant's rank in St John then move on to become a youth leader. I'm so proud of my girls they've done so well. Michelle turns 16 years old tomorrow I have to wonder where all the years have gone. It makes me feel a little old even though I'm only 50. Right now the cows are roaming around outside the house and the old horse is giving me that "I'm still here so there!" look. I have to admit I love it here - so I'll smile again for the rest of the day and tell myself I'm not worthless afterall.