Random images from errm the Mad Bush foto files?

Nice sunset....is that a thistle I see????

Attempt 1 at entry into Mad Bush Farm house

Yes that's my cattle stick you can see waving there. SOMEONE had tried to come inside!
Errmmm I wouldn't smell the inside of that ..stinky kids feet...eeewwww

Maybe I had better call the vet?

Definitely obsessional over that stinky gumboot

You're supposed to eat grass NOT THE GUMBOOT!

Sneak Maggie attack this afternoon when my back was turned
Result Cat Biscuits everywhere = smug looking Maggie
Do not eat my house thank you very much!


Yes you know what that will do to your rear little Terrorist End..*mutter*

And that will not work either so move on thank you very much and get back to your paddock
Guess what? Months without 'R's' in them are coming up rapidly.....

All I have to say about The Terrorist with her snout in the smelly gumboots and Maggie sneaking into my kitchen today is...Hmmmmmmm...everything else is purely..random. That's why we're called Mad Bush Farm because it is mad. Hope everyone is well and happy. Smile even if it is a cloudy day. That's what we've done today. Tomorrow is another day and most likely it will bring with it more mayhem and madness. Nothing is ever the same and I'm glad it's not. We miss Sasquatch and his evilness but today I had a huge laugh with my mum over some of the things his evilness used to do. He'd want us to be happy and today we are. Hugs to everyone and make sure you laugh..a lot.

Love Liz, Inaya, and Michelle (plus the Mad Bush Farm Crew)