Cuddle Cub and Carnival Man - A Short Story to think about

I wrote this story in 2011 for my kids to explain why it wasn't right to use tiger or lion cubs as exhibits in shopping malls so people could have their photo taken with them

Cuddle Cub and Carnival Man

There was once a man everyone called Carnival Man.

He liked to dress up in very bright colours and big hats and pretend to a Lion Tamer.

Carnival Man was a very, very bad man.

He wasn’t nice to anyone, and was never kind to the animals he kept in tiny cages behind his run down old house out in the country.

Carnival Man liked money – lots and lots of money.

If he had lots of money, then he could throw away all of his animals that he didn’t feed properly and get very fat and rich.

He made his animals do silly tricks so people would pay him money to see them perform.

He made them ride bicycles, stand on their heads and if they weren’t fast enough to do as their told - he hit them with a big whip.

The big whip hurt very much, and sometimes the animals he hit with it cried.

But, Carnival Man wasn’t making any money out of his performing animals. They were far too tired and sick from not having enough food to eat.

He needed to find a new animal to make him the money he wanted to get fat and rich.

One day, as Carnival Man visited a zoo he saw a little tiger cub sleeping with his mother.

The little cub was just a few weeks old and looked very contented as he slept in the sun.

Carnival Man wanted the little tiger, he went to the Zoo Man and said

“Zoo Man I want to buy your tiger cub, so I can put him in my Carnival Show.”

Zoo Man though, was not very happy.

He knew Carnival Man was a very, very bad man who was cruel to animals.

Zoo Man shook his head and said

 “Carnival Man we don’t sell tiger cubs. The little tiger cub you want to buy is very important. He is a Sumatran Tiger, and his kind, are almost extinct. When he is grown up, he is going to be sent to a special place where he can meet a lady Sumatran tigress, and they can have a family of their own.”

Carnival Man was very, very angry. His face went all black and blue, then he shook his fist at Zoo Man.

 “I will have that tiger cub!” he shouted, shaking his big fist as he stomped out of the zoo.

 “Just you wait and see! He will be mine, and I don’t care what you say!”

That night when Zoo Man had gone home, Carnival Man sneaked over the gates, and then stole the little tiger cub away as his mother slept.

He took the little tiger cub and put him in a tiny little cage and said

 “Your name is now Cuddle Cub, and I am going to make lots of money out of you.”

The little tiger cub was very very frightened and he began to cry, so Carnival Man hit him with a big stick which made him cry harder. Carnival Man shouted at him to be quiet or his mother at the zoo would end up hurt.

Little tiger cub became quiet as a mouse.

“That’s much better!” Carnival Man growled and threw the little cub a piece of bad meat. “Eat it! Because, that’s all you’ll be getting for a week!”

When the Carnival Man went back into his run down old house, little tiger cub began to cry again. He was very, very lonely and scared.

He wanted his mother but she was nowhere to be seen.

The next morning at the zoo, Zoo Man went to feed mother tiger and her little cub and found the little cub was missing.

Mother tiger was very angry and she roared at Zoo Man to find her little son.

Zoo Man called the Police and told them all about the bad Carnival Man who had tried to buy the little tiger.

Detective Lady was put onto the case. She was very clever and soon found lots of clues.

Carnival Man had been careless. He had left his great big hat hanging on a gate.

By now, Carnival Man had put little tiger into his rusty old truck.

For many many hours he drove until he came to a big shiny shopping mall, where he was going to use the little tiger for his money making schemes.

Inside the mall was all bright and brand new. Carnival Man dressed himself up as a Photo Man and told the mall manager he was visiting to give the children at the mall a special educational talk about tigers.

But Carnival Man wasn’t telling the truth. He had lied to the Mall Manager who wasn’t very smart and let bad Carnival Man bring the little tiger cub inside.

Little tiger cub was prodded and poked by silly people who ooed and aahed at how cute he was.

They paid the Carnival Man lots of money to have their photographs taken with the little tiger who was now being made to be a cuddle cub.

He was very very hungry, and very sad.

All day and late into the night Carnival Man took photographs of silly people holding the little tiger cub and having smiles on their faces.

He was making lots and lots of money and didn’t care if the little tiger cub was scared and hungry.

He told the silly people that he was showing the little tiger cub so they could learn about something called conservation.

But there was one boy that wasn’t silly.

His name was Sam, and his mother and father were scientists who had taught Sam all about bad people like Carnival Man.

“Hey Photo Man!” Sam shouted from across the big mall.

Carnival looked at him and said “What do you want little boy! I’m busy here!”

Sam folded his arms and said “The Policemen are looking for you Carnival Man. You stole that little tiger cub from the Zoo! My Mum and Dad have called Detective Lady and she is coming to arrest you!”

Carnival Man threw down the camera he was holding and said “They’ll never catch me!” and off he ran.

Little Tiger cub was left behind, so Sam carefully picked him up and held him. He was very scared and very very hungry.”

A kind lady at the Pet Shop found some kitten food for the little cub and helped Sam feed it to him until Zoo Man could come and pick little tiger cub up and take him back home to his mother.

Detective Lady was waiting for Carnival Man, and his rusty old truck.

She chased him in her fast police car, until Carnival Man finally pulled over and was arrested.

Dectective Lady marched Carnival Man off to jail where he could not wear bright colours or big fancy hats. Instead he had to live behind bars, just like his performing animals had to at his run down old house.

Zoo Man was very pleased to have little Tiger cub back and he named him Sam after Sam the boy who helped to save him from Carnival Man.

Zoo Man went to Carnival Man’s house and rescued all of the other animals.

He took them back home to his zoo and gave them lots of space and plenty of food.

Sam the boy visited his friend Sam the Tiger every day. They grew together.

When Sam the tiger was 4 years old, he was put on a special plane and sent to a special reserve in Sumatra.

At the reserve he met a lady tigress called Suma who was the same age as he was.

They became friends, and then started a family together.

Suma had three cubs and Sam was very proud.

Sam the boy grew up to be a Biologist and went to Sumatra to study the tigers.

Carnival Man never left jail, and all of the animals he had hurt all lived happily together at Zoo Man’s home for the rest of their lives.

The message in this story is: Tigers are endangered. Tiger cubs do not belong in shopping malls for people to hold,and have their photos taken with them. If you are told it is for conservation do not believe it. The conservation of endangered animals is undertaken by accredited Zoos and Organisations not individuals that exploit wildlife for profit.

 Copyright 2011 Liz Clark


Takeover Cats,Mudlarks, Eels in buckets and kids with calves

Other than nothing but rain and if we're lucky a mere glimpse of that longed for sunshine we have the usual madness going on. Take the above picture of one cat with a "CEO Takeover Cat has ur bed" look. Inaya goes into her room to have a sleep. Just a slight technical hitch with that plan. Emerald decided to take control of the pillow and part of the bed where one would normally lay themselves down to rest. Result the above glare. Cat Takeovers........watch out for them they're always waiting to pounce...

 Meanwhile the next day up at my Mum's place a certain almost 'transformashun to basement cat 100% complete cat' named Buffy decided to be an evil farm fishing cat and capture a goldfish. Um....lucky I found it in time and biffed it back into the pond. He was not impressed by this at all and gave me the 'wink' I'll have to be very careful...very careful indeed.

The next few photos really show just how wet it's really been here for several weeks now. The farm is sodden and with it comes very muddy ponies and horses. The Tempest was one of the cleanest.!

Little Spiritus was absolutely filthy and it took a while to brush all of the mud off once it had dried. Fun...not!

Ranger wasn't too bad, and for a change he was actually being nice to the little horses, instead of chasing and kicking them like he usually does. We suspect Ranger is a rig, but his temperament overall has been very good. I think he's just a little bully. Even the cows get chased!

The old man at 32 isn't doing so badly. He was filthy as well and took a couple of hours to clean up. Of course it just had to rain again and he had to roll. So muddy horse and brushing will be the norm for a while. He's on hard feed to maintain his weight. Older horses do need extra care. We're just waiting for his cover to come back from being repaired since he loves to tear them up into bits.

Meantime while I was out brushing four horses and getting covered in mud CEO takeover cat decided to become a striped nautilis cat, and sleep her life away on one of the sofas. And of course there had to be a...

 matching Nautilis cat on the other sofa complete with matching sea coloured blanket underneath. Don't she look cute...and this same cat last night caught .....

this eel that was minding its own business and sliming its way across our rather muddy lawn. Trouble was Dream decided to capture it then drop it on the driveway. Inaya shot out there with a bucket and nabbed the poor eel before Dream could bump it off. It's a freshwater eel which in New Zealand here is rather endangered. The stocks are down quite a bit. I used to catch eels and eat them. But this one kind of deserved to be let go which it was. So hopefully it found its way back into our stream at the bottom of the farm here.

And for Dairy Farmers it's that time of the year when the calves are being born and the cows are back in the shed. This little heifer is one of the replacement calves at the property of Sheryl and Wes Cullen here in Maungaturoto.  Michelle my youngest is taking one of their calves to the Pet Day for the Otamatea Christian School later in October this year. Wes and Sheryl are running an organic dairy farm one of 50 in the Northland Region. That means no artificial drenches or fertilisers allowed on their property. They're 100% organic which makes for a lot of hard work but very interesting farming.

Instead of three little pigs there are four little pigs on the farm which of course will be turned into bacon when they're old enough. The orangy red coloured pigs are called Tamworth which are a heritage breed. They do make for very good eating and can be left out in the paddock.

And here is Michelle with the little calf she has chosen to take to the pet day. Sheryl loaned her a pair of overalls to wear. So I think her idea of wanting to be a farmer later on is kind of on its way there.
Well that's me for another blog post. Hope everyone is well, happy and doing okay. Until then have a lot of fun and keep on smiling.


Brother Lion - Short Story with a message

I wrote this story for my kids a couple of years ago to teach them about why the living things on our earth are all so important. Without them our earth would die and so would man as a species. Extinction is final.

Brother Lion

Once before time was known Brother Lion and Brother Man came to be.

The Mother Earth told them both they were to live together in harmony and share the resources she had given to them.

For many, many thousands of years, Brother Lion and Brother man shared the world with each other, and only took what they needed.

They wanted to make sure everything Mother Earth had given them would never run out.

Brother Lion hunted the animals and only took the weak, old and the small. This way the animals stayed strong and were always plentiful.

But as time went on, Brother Man became greedy and wanted all of the gifts Mother Earth had given to both him and Brother Lion.

Brother Man was very devious, and came up with a plan so he would not have to share anything with Brother Lion.

By now Brother Man had many, many sons and daughters, and lots of descendants.

Brother Lion did not bother Brother Man at all and left him be.

One day Brother Man burned down all of the forests. It killed all of the trees, and the animals that lived there.

Brother Lion was very sad for the trees and the animals that had died.

He came up to Brother Man and said to him “Brother Man? Why did you burn down all of the forests on Mother Earth. We need the trees to make our air to breathe, and the animals that lived in them to help the trees to grow.”

Brother Man made a scoffing sound and said to Brother Lion

“Brother Lion I burned down all of the forests because there was no room for my cities. Don’t worry yourself Brother Lion everything will be fine. We will plant some new trees, and Mother Earth will give us some new animals to live in them.”

But Brother Man did not plant any new trees and Mother Earth could not make any more new animals – for there was no forest left for them to live in.

Now Brother Man began to pollute all of the water Mother Earth had given them.

Brother Lion went to have a drink at a river and found it tasted very bad. All of the fish had died, and none of the other animals that Brother Lion relied on for food could drink the bad water.

Brother Lion went back to see Brother Man and said “Brother Man you’ve made all of the water Mother Earth gave to us very bad to drink. All of the fish have died and there is no good water left for the others to drink.”

Brother Man smiled and said “Don’t worry Brother Lion I will make the water Mother Earth gave to us all clean again and everyone will be happy.”

But, again Brother Man had lied to Brother Lion.

Brother Lion realised now that Brother Man had deceived him and all of the other animals that lived on Mother Earth.

He was very angry and roared out his rage across the surface of Mother Earth.

Brother Man had now made Mother Earth very sick. Her skies were now black with smoke from Brother Man’s many cities. The waters were all green and no fish or animals could drink from them. The forests had been all burned down – but worse was yet to come.

Brother Man now took all of the land the animals were living on.

Brother Lion was now very angry. The animals he hunted were now all dead from starvation, because Brother Man had taken all of their food, and was using the land to grow food for himself. He would not share it with the animals, Mother Earth had asked him, and Brother Lion to take care of.

Now, there were no more animals left for Brother Lion to hunt . As he came up to Brother Man to ask him why, Brother Man shot Brother Lion with a gun.

Brother Lion, as he lay dying, asked Brother Man “Why have you killed me?” 

And Brother Man, who did not care that he had killed his friend said “Because there is no place for you Brother Lion on my earth.”

Brother Lion died, and Brother Man took his skin and turned into a rug for his wall.

Brother Man bragged about killing Brother Lion to his friends, who laughed and said how good it was there were no more animals, birds and forests on their earth.

Then Mother Earth started to die. There were no more forests to make air to breath, no more water to make the clouds that made the rain, and no more animals left to keep Mother Earth alive.

As Mother Earth died and her world turned to nothing Brother Man stood on her dead surface and called out 

“Brother Lion! Where have you gone? I need you to help me save Mother Earth – why is she dying? I don’t understand!”

And as Brother Man himself began to die from something called extinction, Brother Lion’s voice could be heard somewhere in the stars

“Brother Man, Mother Earth has died because you took my life and let greed become your friend.”

Extinction is final. Look after our Earth. She is all we have.

Copyright 2010 -2012 Liz Clark