No Bull! Monsters I see!

Monsters or what. The best of the bulls were being shown today..........
I look like a lobster after burning in the sun all day. The kids and I went to the Paparoa A & P Show to support a friend of ours who was showing her thoroughbred gelding today at the show. We couldn't find her and well got distracted. Been a wierd week and I got a nasty bug from Inaya on top of everything else. Wonderful that. We have a drought at the moment as well and the cattle are going through double the water each day. Not good when you're on a tank supply and you dam has just about dried up. Today was HOT! And fun as well so much fun my 1G memory card in my camera was loaded to the full. Got some awesome shots. So I'll post them as I go. There are well...a heck of a lot......Heck I even have burnt eyes. Should have worn a hat but couldn't find one around anywhere at home. I miss my Stetson I used to have. Some sod swiped it and it was the genuine article cost me bomb many years ago. Never mind. Well this is one post. More coming I guess.


Northland Couple charged for ill treatment of eight dogs

Couple charged for ill treatment of eight dogs

5 February 2009

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), Animal Welfare Investigation Team are pleased with the convictions handed out in the Whangarei District Court on Tuesday to a couple jointly charged with four offences under the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

Job and Valmai Bailey pleaded guilty and were disqualified from owning dogs for at least 10 years. They were ordered to pay costs and fines totalling $22 768.15 for the ill treatment of eight dogs in their care and the failure to provide for their physical, health and behavioural needs.

In June 2006 MAF Animal Welfare Investigators executed a search warrant at the Bailey’s Taipuha property in Northland. They found eight dogs housed in filthy conditions without food or water, some whose coats were matted with faeces, living on urine soaked floor areas covered with excrement.

The dogs were seized and taken to Whangarei for veterinary examination. Three had to be euthanased on humane grounds due to deteriorating ill-health. Two dogs died and the surviving three dogs were subsequently forfeited to the Crown following the defendants guilty pleas.

In the opinion of the investigator the shelter for the animals was not adequate and they were predisposed to skin and respiratory infections as a result of being forced to live in their own excrement and the noxious ammonia environment.

The veterinarian also noted the dogs had a number of significant diseases, including cancerous and benign tumours, severe mouth infections of some dogs and another three that were suffering ear infections, all of which would have caused chronic pain.

MAF Investigations Manager, Greg Reid, said that this was an unbelievable case of ill treatment and a situation made even more alarming by the fact that the eight dogs were confined in the house the defendants were living in.

“They were effectively surrounded by these dogs in an absolutely disgusting state, its not like they were unaware of what was going on. It’s a tragedy in that all the dogs have since died either due to their condition or having been euthanased due their inability to be re-homed due to behavioural issues.”

“New Zealand has an international reputation for excellence in animal welfare, in part due to our approach to holding offenders to account for what is blatantly unacceptable behaviour. While it is good that delinquents like these are brought to justice it is an unacceptable and unnecessary tragedy that these animals suffered to the point of death. These dogs were kept in extremely dirty conditions that would leave any person feeling ill after even a short amount of time.”

“It’s pretty simple really – feed, water and exercise your dogs, monitor their condition and seek veterinary treatment if necessary for their well being. There is no excuse for cruelty of this nature and I am pleased this family is being held to account for their actions.”


Media Release - Proposed RMA changes ‘an okay first stab’ says farmers

3 February 2009

Proposed RMA changes ‘an okay first stab’ says farmers

“Broadly speaking Federated Farmers welcomes the Government’s announcement and supports many of the changes to speed up the RMA process, but feels the discussion document to the much heralded Resource Management Act (Simplify & Streamline) Amendment Bill, is just an okay first stab,” says Don Nicolson, Federated Farmers President.

“To farmers looking for a quick fix to the Resource Management Act (RMA), there is still quite a way to go. Some may see today’s announcement as being a little flat. Today is but the first phase of a long process to transform the RMA into what it was originally envisaged to be.

“Federated Farmers knew that when we won a major review of the Resource Management Act from the new Government, the low hanging fruit would be grabbed first. That’s why the Federation will withhold judgement on whether the changes are positive or negative, until the Federation’s policy experts have gone over the Bill’s wording with a fine tooth comb.

“While many of the changes will be good from a macro infrastructure sense, the economy turns on its farmers and small businesses. That means we have a lot of detail to work through as the devil is truly in the detail and how that detail specifically affects our hard working farmers.

“The Bill’s wording must put an end to farmers being farmed by councils, consultants, planners and lawyers. If it doesn’t, the Government and the responsible Minister will be asked some tough questions.

“For instance, I recently took a call from one of our members who faced massive costs because a council was brow beaten by opponents into notifying their resource consent application. This came despite any type of farming being a legitimate activity in the area. Meanwhile, another council with similar applications, chose not to publicly notify them. These inconsistencies cost real businesses a lot of money and time.

“The costs imposed on individual small business owners and farmers have little to do with the effect on the environment, but more to do with community perception of the activity concerned. Federated Farmers expects that the Bill will actually turn the RMA into a rational planning document.

“This is phase one. We still have to see phase two where the Government must strengthen the rights of individuals to claim compensation when their property rights are lost ‘in the public good’. This was in the original draft of the RMA some 18 years ago. Some farmers will be dubious about changes that are aimed at streamlining projects of national significance and improving national instruments, without strengthening the rights of individuals to receive compensation.

“The Federation will be very disappointed if these issues are not addressed during the select committee process. Bring on the select committee stage and quickly as . The Federation will continue to work hard for the interests of farmers,” Mr Nicolson concluded.


This Farm isn't Mad - it's INSANE!!!!!!

River the first one we raised born 2006

Why is it Mad Bush Farm is always crazy. No day is ever *normal* something always happens. Sometimes though there are days when seriously I could just pick up the phone and call up the men with the white coats to come and take me away. Those days came yesterday and today. Last week was nothing but deadlines, a One Day Event which I'll post about later, and printing the local rag on time. The weekend was quieter with a trip to Dargaville and the museum as well, yet something else to post about groan. Sunday afternoon it all started..........

Maggie May grumping after she got kicked out of the house

We get home at 3 pm or so after a fun day out and instantly get attacked by six grumpy chickens dead set on scoring a free feed. Just one complication chickens won't find school shoes very appealing. The ring leader of course was Maggie May who at the moment has become ultra-grumpy and over broody deciding to hog her hoard of eggs and pick anyone coming near. We call this the Ina Sharples phase and for those who know the Uk TV Programme Coronation Street from the early days of Television will remember Ina all too well. My Nana thought Ina Sharples was marvellous...not us kids mutter. All Maggie needs right now is the hairnet and she'd be Ina Sharples!!! Six chickens followed us into the house and were booted out by the tail feathers. Growl! And of course the cats decided to join in the mayhem. Dream and Emerald stormed in and promptly had a scrap in the kitchen. They were booted out as well. Then we go and let the kittens out...oh no...more trouble. My leg was attacked then Sasquatch decided my leg was a really good thing to hang onto as I walked out the door to see why the Terrorist was bellowing. Bad move that..........

Terrorising as usual The Terrorist
a spoilt rotten little toad
and too cute for her own good

Little did I know the electric fence had decided to pack a sad at one end of the farm - exactly the paddock where the Terrorist was. She saw me and cleared the wire running after *Mummy* who had a white kitten still clung to her leg and no chance of escape from a six month old Jersey Terrorist with an identity problem. She sees a cow she runs the other way. The issue BOTTLE!!!!NOW!!. Inaya came out to see what all the noise was about..then next thing she knows the Terrorist is trying to get into the house to find her bottle. They say cows are dumb - I beg to differ on that score. No they have brains - some more than others. Try having five of them with brains. Not a good scene and the two brainiest here are the two Jerseys. The ranchslider got hastily shut with a lead rope rapidly found and the Terrorist tied up. Yes she got her bottle and we got some peace and quiet from the bellowing. When the bull finally goes then we can finally get her in with the others and weaned properly. She should be weaned but the wrong answer buzzer just keeps on buzzing. Then today after school the kids turned up with this....
Cute isn't it... mutter... IT has been called ET for now if it lives that is. Picked on by a big turkey and rescued by my kids. ET will turn into this.........
And no the chopping block will not be an option my kids won't ever talk to me again if I do that. I'll leave you with the two little trouble makers below....

Media Release - Federated Farmers goes www.farmday.org.nz

Federated Farmers Farm Day goes www.farmday.org.nz

“For urban dwellers looking to discover the country, a big step forward has come with the Federated Farmers Farm Day website going live at midday today,” says Don Nicolson, President of Federated Farmers.

The first Federated Farmers Farm Day, to be held on Sunday 1 March 2009, will take place right throughout New Zealand. Federated Farmers Farm Day will give urban dwellers a great opportunity to come onto a farm for the day and see what real farmers do, each and every day. Not a sanitised farm experience, every Federated Farmers Farm Day farm will offer guided walks and feature fun interactive ‘farming’ activities for guests. The launch of www.farmday.org.nz will also enable people to navigate easily to their host farm using embedded Google Maps.

“Given farms can sometimes be hard to find, www.farmday.org.nz features a Google Map linked to each farm. This fantastic mapping feature enables people to generate precise driving instructions to and from their host farm. It makes it easy for people to find a Federated Farmers Farm Day farm and allows people to fully plan their day.

“Another aspect of Federated Farmers Farm Day, in this current economic climate, is to showcase the optimism and innovation New Zealand’s farmers are known for. While there is a degree of doom out there, it does not reside inside the farm gate.

“New Zealand produces something the world needs, food. What Federated Farmers wishes to show is that farming abounds with opportunity, now and into the future. Everyone can ask questions and we hope that people will go away better informed about what we do. Some may even become inspired to become a farmer,” Mr Nicolson concluded.

Federated Farmers Farm Day (to date) will feature eleven dairy farms, one goat farm, seven sheep and beef farms, three arable (cropping) farms, two horticultural farms and two agricultural training centres. The Waikato farm, in Te Aroha, will showcase organic farming techniques. Federated Farmers Farm Day will be in every province, though, North Otago will run their event in the Spring of 2009.