No Bull! Monsters I see!

Monsters or what. The best of the bulls were being shown today..........
I look like a lobster after burning in the sun all day. The kids and I went to the Paparoa A & P Show to support a friend of ours who was showing her thoroughbred gelding today at the show. We couldn't find her and well got distracted. Been a wierd week and I got a nasty bug from Inaya on top of everything else. Wonderful that. We have a drought at the moment as well and the cattle are going through double the water each day. Not good when you're on a tank supply and you dam has just about dried up. Today was HOT! And fun as well so much fun my 1G memory card in my camera was loaded to the full. Got some awesome shots. So I'll post them as I go. There are well...a heck of a lot......Heck I even have burnt eyes. Should have worn a hat but couldn't find one around anywhere at home. I miss my Stetson I used to have. Some sod swiped it and it was the genuine article cost me bomb many years ago. Never mind. Well this is one post. More coming I guess.


  1. gday liz.
    .Wow Monsters those bulls are Big boys.Sorry to hear you got sunburnt. it can be very painful.. use plenty of moisturiser to help soothe the sunburn... wow it got to 46.7 here today....

  2. There are some big lads there madbush! Lovely to read about your hot weather as I sit here in minus 6 and a foot of snow. Keep farming!!

  3. Those are some mountains of meat there!
    Was a tad warm here like Jeanette said up there ^^^ 46.7 melting degrees.
    Hope your sunburn calms down soon, that's painful.

  4. Beautiful bulls and oh, so big !
    We are finally thawing out from the ice storm we had the last week in January. I spent 4 day in an emergency shelter because I had no heat or lights. There was complete power failure in this whole town.
    I hope to get the blogging spirit again soon. I am just blank right now. Stay cool. Hugs~~~~ Leslie

  5. um that stetson, was it black by any chance?

  6. These are fine beasts and no mistake.

  7. Those are some fine mighty bulls, they are like bodybuilder bulls.