Walking Carpets and other happenings (the usual madness)

The Carpet

The Carpet moons over the Terrorist

Someone needs shearing!

Just when I thought the walking carpet aka professional fence wrecker had vanished forever into the voids..it has returned. The Carpet, as it is known, is an ovine nuisance, that has for the last year been running around all over two farms including ours. All attempts to catch it, have all but failed the tests set down by the 'Experts in catching your Walking Carpet' Judging panel.

The Terrorist checking out new grass

The Carpet has decided he or she has taken a liking to the Terrorist. Ovine/Bovine Relations are at an all time high. Everywhere the Terrorist goes..The Carpet goes. Yesterday I moved them..what does the Carpet do? It runs through my electric fence to join its friend. I hate sheep. I will always see them as a meal for my freezer, even though little lambs are cute..for about two months then they become..sheep.

Escape Expert and Garden Wrecker Ocean plans her next move

And ongoing with her continuous escapes is Ocean. In fact, she's about driven me nuts of late with her exploits, that include immediate beelines for my mother's garden. She could come and wreck my garden..but NO it's always Grandma's garden she heads for. Last time Grandma's broom came out, and was used to send Ocean packing. If she wasn't Inaya's pet I'd see her off on a truck tomorrow if I could..grrrr. I've redone the electric fence so this time the thing is working properly. For how long..time will tell. And of course if it isn't Ocean will be out yet again.

There's more stuff but I'll end this post here otherwise I'll be falling asleep with utter boredome as well.

Love to everyone from Liz and the girls (and the Mad Bush Farm crew)