Superior Bovine Intellect

I did this a few days ago after a friend of mine just happened to mention a certain hyper intelligent Red Devon cow we used to have...on a lighter note I hope this gives everyone a smile after the sad news of the last couple of days. I'm finding it hard to smile but life has to move on.Huge hugs to everyone for all of your caring and love for Sasquatch and for me and my girls.

Again love to you all
Liz, Inaya and Michelle


Farewell Sasquatch

I carouse all night in moonlit fields
- Cho-Yong

This morning I brought home Sasquatch's body from way up the road where he had been killed by a car. This afternoon I finally buried him near his little sister Yowie. It's been a very sad day here at the Mad Bush Farm. The time that Sasquatch was with us was probably the most hilarious year we have ever had. Who ever thought the cute little white kitten we brought home would bring so many people so much joy and a lot of laughs to go with his larger than life personality. If he had been human I swear he would have been either an evil genius or the world's funniest comedian. Sasquatch was a real joy in my life. He was my best friend following me everywhere around the farm and at every opportunity he would claw me or bite me. I have the scars to prove it - not to mention a few photos as well of his claws and teeth in my arm. His evilness was not without a loving side. He would spent all day with me - no matter what I was doing Sasquatch was always supervising. Where I sat he would sit whenever I vacated the space. If I was at the computer Sasquatch would be on my lap attempting to bite my arm while I was typing. He was the biggest torment I have ever met, his teeth were sharp and so were his claws. I still recall the time when the bull was out, and the Terrorist as well and there was me running out side with Sasquatch still attached to my leg trying to bite me. I mean come on..this cat was mad and he was bad and he was just a few months old. His little sister Yowie as we know was sadly was killed on the road at just 5 months old and like Sasquatch she brought a lot of joy into our families lives. I gave our vet the sad news this morning and like me they were upset as well. We won't be able to replace Sasquatch or Yowie - but what we can do is make the best of a bad situation and remember all those hilarious times we had with those two amazing kitties. Both stole my heart and got into my soul. It's quiet here without Sasquatch here causing Dream and Emerald piles of trouble. Around this time we usually have the afternoon cat brawl going on between Sasquatch vs Dream & Emerald tag team.

Sasquatch is buried near Yowie so he can rest in peace with his little sister close by. I've planted an olive tree on each of their graves to remind me of the everlasting joy they gave to me and my girls and of course we have thousands of photos as well. A huge thank you to my friends on Facebook for your support and to my wonderful blogger friends who have left me and my girls messages of suppoort. I started a blog for Sasquatch some time back and rather than leave it I have so many photos I might as well post one each day until we run out. I'll update it after this post so everyone can continue to enjoy those memories.

Love to you all
Liz, Inaya and Michelle

Sasquatch 2008 - March 2010

I've just had sad news given to me. Len the girls bus driver just popped in. He didn't want the kids having the pain of finding out the sad news he had to tell me just now. Sasquatch was run over sometime this morning we just don't know when. At this stage I haven't gone up to recover his body. I'll go shortly and do that. Sasquatch brought sunshine and life to our home with his evil antics and his daily clawings of my arm. He was a personality all of his own and he was my best buddy. Bye little guy I'll miss you a lot.


New dairy cattle code of welfare

Dairy farmers will now give effect to the Animal Welfare (Dairy Cattle) Code of Welfare 2010 (Code).

“Federated Farmers Dairy along with other industry bodies, has worked with the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) to revise the Dairy Code of Welfare,” says John Bluett, vice-chair of Federated Farmers Dairy Industry Group.

“Yet the code is really two documents in one. First we have the core code itself – the minimum standard while there are also recommended ‘best practices’.

“While I can see why they decided to roll these two very distinct things into the one document, in reality, they should have been split out and published as separate documents.

“By rolling the two together, lay-people could easily confuse what they see as not meeting a legal minimum, when in fact, it’s actually best practice guidance. Furthermore, lay-people may not understand farmers taking a hybrid approach that exceeds the minimum but doesn’t meet best practice guidance in the Code.

“Splitting the two out remains Federated Farmers preference as the best practice guidance is very sound for good stock management. It would make a very good training tool as good stockmanship is a priority for Federated Farmers and we’re working with DairyNZ to develop both training and guidance.

“The New Zealand dairy industry sees stockmanship as a vital skill set. It’s what we’re judged on and is fundamental to sustaining consumer trust. Stockmanship is something dairy farmers need to develop in themselves and any staff who interact with farm animals.

“Good stockmanship is also sound business practice. It increases the productivity of our dairy cattle and that increases the profitability of our individual farms.

“We’re impressed by the best practice guidance in the Code as it’s comprehensive and will be very useful from a training perspective.

“As the Code sets a legal minimum, it’s really incumbent on Federated Farmers, DairyNZ and the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand to work on evolving industry practice and training, Mr Bluett concluded.