Muddied up!

It's been rain, more rain and...yes you guessed more rain. I'm starting to consider that maybe we should start a mudslide venture on the farm at this rate. Today we caught one of the Wild Bunch. Little Spiritus was quite a happy little guy..unlike his stroppy mate The Tempest who in typical grumpy little horse fashion told the lot of us to take a hike.

 This little guy needed some serious attention. He was completely covered in really horrible dried mud and his hooves are in fairly bad condition. Our farrier will be coming out hopefully in the next couple of days or so to sort him and the others out. Hooves need to be trimmed at least every six weeks or so. It's so wet right now nowhere on the farm is dry which makes things a bit hard to try keep the horses clean.

The girls gave me a hand to try to clean the poor little guy up a bit. Once we get his hooves sorted out he should be a lot happier. He's quite lame in the hindquarters, which has concerned me quite a bit.

 Ranger is NOT impressed at all by the arrival of two tiny little horses that are even smaller than he is. He's been chasing them both around and being a bully. The old man has started to put him in his place about that one! But oh what the heck he's still a cute little fella - even if like the others here is very muddy and dirty.

The Tempest is living up to his rather aptly given name. He is not very friendly and doesn't want to be caught. Not by anyone. He's a stunning little horse. Tomorrow we are going to catch him and clean him up as well.

 I had to cut the huge knots out of Spiritus mane normally I'd comb them out using a detangler but his mane was so muddy and knotty in the end the scissors had to be used. I've trimmed his tail as well which is a lot straighter! Well that's me for another post. No doubt more madness will turn up tomorrow or the next day. Until then...Have fun folks


Now we've got the Wild Bunch here!

We named this little guy The Tempest! 

Never in my life did I ever think I'd end up with miniature horses. Well now we have two of them. Both young and both in need of some TLC. (The photos are taken by Janet Poole.)

They arrived last night from Matakohe after staying there for a few days at my wonderful friend Janet's who owns Riverlets Miniature Hereford Stud. Gillian who is Janet's daughter is a very close friend of mine and thanks to her and Janet the little horses were brought over to us here at Mad Bush Farm.

Both have a condition called Stifle lock  which is restricting their natural movement. It's not a condition that's particuarly good to have in any horse. It seems to be more common in these miniatures. I'm used to dressage horses and their correct movements. It's an interesting thing witnessing this rather sad condition. I feel very sorry for the little guys. But they seemed to be able to get around and one of them put Ranger in his place this morning. I suspect inbreeding has had a part to play in this problem but we know nothing about them other than they are around 3 perhaps rising 4 year olds. We didn't even have names for them either.

And this one Spiritus

The first one has two lovely brown eyes, but a difficult temperamant at present so we named him Tempest (wonder why!). The other little guy we named Spiritus. He has one blue eye. They are both very sweet little guys. They needed a home so we offered to take them. I'll blame Janet for that one.

So now we have the wild bunch on the farm it will make for very interesting reading.!