Now we've got the Wild Bunch here!

We named this little guy The Tempest! 

Never in my life did I ever think I'd end up with miniature horses. Well now we have two of them. Both young and both in need of some TLC. (The photos are taken by Janet Poole.)

They arrived last night from Matakohe after staying there for a few days at my wonderful friend Janet's who owns Riverlets Miniature Hereford Stud. Gillian who is Janet's daughter is a very close friend of mine and thanks to her and Janet the little horses were brought over to us here at Mad Bush Farm.

Both have a condition called Stifle lock  which is restricting their natural movement. It's not a condition that's particuarly good to have in any horse. It seems to be more common in these miniatures. I'm used to dressage horses and their correct movements. It's an interesting thing witnessing this rather sad condition. I feel very sorry for the little guys. But they seemed to be able to get around and one of them put Ranger in his place this morning. I suspect inbreeding has had a part to play in this problem but we know nothing about them other than they are around 3 perhaps rising 4 year olds. We didn't even have names for them either.

And this one Spiritus

The first one has two lovely brown eyes, but a difficult temperamant at present so we named him Tempest (wonder why!). The other little guy we named Spiritus. He has one blue eye. They are both very sweet little guys. They needed a home so we offered to take them. I'll blame Janet for that one.

So now we have the wild bunch on the farm it will make for very interesting reading.!

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