And while contemplating the Zen of my rather burnt coffee

I considered the thought that creating a Porta-moo for dairy cows was a really dumb idea - the Mad Bush Labs Mad Scientist should be fired.

That if, you're going to take a pretty picture of a green field with nice white sheep in it. Make sure there isn't a dead one in the middle of all the live ones. It doesn't make for happy scrap booking memories. The Mad Bush Farm photographer should be shot at dawn for not noticing the mortal remains in the middle of the flock.

Giving gnomes with axes in their heads a fag to smoke is bad for their future career as Maimed Garden Gnome of the Decade. There'll no movie deal for Geoffrey the wannabe gnome after this incriminating picture is seen by his agents.

And...it's just great to see an old classic once in a while.

Now I'll go and make a decent coffee!

Why is everything so LOCO???

Everything is nuts here on the farm. I have the Terrorist back now and things are mad as usual. This morning I went up to our mail box and I was shadowed by an evil tabby cat with ulterior motives in her feline brain. As soon as I turned my back she clawed her way up my leg. OUCH! Meantime the RMS is hanging 10 still in my art studio. Its hairy tail is still to be seen sticking out of the gap between the rafters. Dog can't reach it. Brooms, sticks and swearing haven't done it. A gun is out of the question. So far the RMS has the highscore on this little war. The Terrorist meantime now she has returned has stubbornly stayed up on the driveway at night sleeping where she can see the house. As soon as I appear it's the usual racket. She moos the dog gets set off and the cats turn up at the door to be let in. Our last remaining chicken aka The Individual turns up next and pecks heck out of the cats. I've just come to the conclusion we're all loco! I'm going off to contemplate the zen of my burnt coffee now....


First ever funniest farming video competition underway

To celebrate the lighter aspects of farming life, Federated Farmers is putting up a brand new iPad 2 for the winner of its first ever funniest farming video competition.

“This competition is a chance for Kiwis, from both the city and the country, to showcase the humorous side of New Zealand’s farming world,” says Conor English, Federated Farmers chief executive.

“Farming is critical to New Zealand’s success, but our rural areas are also the source of many light hearted events. For example, our recent Federated Farmers Farm day was an opportunity for our city cousins to visit a farm.

“Now we want Kiwis to upload some videos to celebrate the lighter side of farming life.

“We figure there are enough people with funny videos floating around on digital cameras, phones and laptops. You might even want to make one just for this competition.

“The winner will get a brand spanking new iPad 2 to play around with and that’s not a prize to be sneezed at.

“The competition is open to all New Zealand residents. Videos must be in a digital format and no longer than three minutes. Submit your video either through email, our Facebook page or by snail mail. Entries close on 31 May 2011.

“I think this is a great opportunity to harness modern technology for everyone’s entertainment. I can’t wait to see what our entrants come up with,” Mr English concluded.

How to enter
For your entry to be valid you must submit your video by either:

§ Email to haveyoursay@fedfarm.org.nz

§ Post it on the Federated Farmers Facebook page

§ By mail on DVD disc to:

Attn: Funniest Farming Video competition,
Federated Farmers
154 Featherston Street
PO Box 715
Wellington 6140

Entry requirements

§ Entries must be in a digital format and no longer than 3 minutes. We recommend that you save your videos as either QuickTime .MOV, Windows .AVI, or as an .MPG file.

§ Files must be no larger than 50MB.

§ Videos must have been made within 12 months of the date of entry.

§ Entries must be submitted by midnight, 31 May 2011.

§ The entry must also be accompanied by the completed entry form which can be downloaded at fedfarm.org.nz

Terms and conditions are available on our website at fedfarm.org.nz

Art for a good cause

I love donating art work for a good cause. My last donation was to Lion Aid a UK based charity that is bring awareness of the plight of the remaining 23,000 African Lions remaining in the wild. Eventually they will be extinct. This drawing I've done is for a great group called Toyz for Catz at Zion. These ladies have worked really hard to raise funds so they can buy enrichment toys for the big cats at Zion Wildlife Gardens here in Northland New Zealand. Tomorrow the original will be winging its way to the UK. A huge thanks to the girls for their caring for the big cats at Zion Wildlife Gardens. Gandor the white lion, has certainly enjoyed his new ball that was sent to him by this group.


Take your filthy hands off my Serengeti #3 Lions know they're cool

My animal army is growing ever larger there on the cartoon Serengeti. One more Lion to add to help keep the cartoon Serengeti safe from bad hands. Here's to keeping our wildlife safe for another day.