Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committee Conspiracy

I tell you these two have caused havoc. This is a quick post. I've had family here the last few days and my favourite sister - in-law and brother-in-law dropped in today as well. We had a great night and of course they loved the two little ittie bittie kitties running around like little monsters in training. I can see them taking over things now...groan. More in the morning. Everyone have a great night/morning be back a little later after I get some sleep.


  1. Itteh Bitteh Kittehs are precious !
    I wish I had one of them, sigh.

    Not good news here, My heater did not work after I got the propane, so I spent the night very cold.
    One of the things I am thankful for is the temperature is 30 degrees this morning and I do have a roof over my head.
    Get a good rest today, Liz

    Hugs and kisses from a cold lady ~~~~~

  2. So cute! It'll be great seeing all their fun growing up on photos on your blog!

  3. Like having two new babies in the house - they will wind you round their little needle-claws in no time at all and then you will be at their beck-and-call. But who cares - they are so lovely you could forgive them anything.

  4. Hi Leslie I'm so sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll get it sorted soon. Itteh Bitteh Kitteh's are hilarious and trouble...

    A big warm hug to you and love

    Hi Raph - We have sooo many photos. Bad habit of mine photography. Lucky I have an EHD to store them all on. Glad you enjoyed them. Love your blog and the great illustrations. Be over soon.

    Take care

    Weaver you are so right. Last year it was Dream and Emerald as the babies they were a little older, then the Terrorist who is still being babied and now these two little furry charmers. Raining today so now I have to get wet!!!

  5. Oh, I want one. Have I told you my and kip's deal about getting a cat? As soon as we move to a place that allows cats I get to go out any day I want and pick out a kitten. Kip won't know until he comes home about the addition to our family. Should be exciting...but still aways off. Until then I'll enjoy yours.

  6. Hi Red Clover,

    I'm going backwards through the comments here. You will get you own itteh bitteh kitteh and I bet he or she will get loved to little bitty pieces and have a great home. That will be one very lucky kitteh