A little bit of the Art Side of me

Well everyone else has been brave enough to put up their drawings and sketches so here is one of mine. I did this one in coloured pencils on black paper. I took it from one of my photos I had taken at a ballet rehearsal last year then did my own interpretation. Actually it turned out quite good.


  1. Sent you a comment on this....thought it saved it...did you get it??? If not I'll tell ya again! I LOVE this BRAVO and encore encore! I like the slippers best, captured feeling in them...a story in itself!

  2. Hello there!!! Glad you like it. Actually it was really easy to draw. A few years ago there's no way I would have done something like that.BRAVO to you as well for sticking at your art. One day we'll all have the Paparazzi after us!!