15kg Terrorist gets Tagged!!!!

Actually I did it a day or so back-the sneaky way that is. Got my youngest to give the Terrorist a bottle while I grabbed the taggers and did the nasty deed. Let's just say she wasn't my friend for all of 3 minutes - before she decided nothing had really happened and got on with guzzling down her two bottles. Yes I said two. One at 2.5 litres and 1 at 1 litre. But she needs it. She'll catch up in time -though she'll always be just that bit smaller. I don't mind - means less mess in the paddock in winter. Anyway I took these photos of her attempting to yet again follow Mum into the house!! Last year my kids had left the ranchslider open...try having three calves in the kitchen!! Lucky for me they didn't make a mess -and I still have them (mutter).


  1. Funny! She sounds like my oliver (name taken from Oliver twist...he was a twin orphaned and my first calf) he followed me everywhere and bawled for me all the time. When I tagged them they never made a move...so trusting. stupid on their part huh, now he is in the feeder lot! Your girls are lovely! They look like very happy children! And its funny how your sunsets with the position of the trees look so much like ours from the back door,,,add a lake and its uncanny! A parallel universe? haha

  2. They imprint onto you when they're on their own. I have another one from two years back. River thinks I'm her Mum and still causes a fuss whenever she sees me. If she had her way she would still be having a bottle (I'm not kidding!)

    My girls are happy kids. I think we're so lucky to have what we have here. I love your place - I have a dam? But that's silted up right now - yuk! That was a great sunset. Summer is the best time to enjoy them I think. Oh well work time I guess.Better do the jobs around the farm no (mutter)

  3. What a nice blog, found you through Kyfarmlife, we are neighbors.

  4. Hey there Mari,

    Yes I saw your blog on Rae's post. Love yours too. Just got to ad it now onto my blog list. You have such a talent!!