Art Stuff - Plants in our Bush

I love our bush. I drew this lovely specimen of a Kiekie Freycinetia Bauriana -Banksii growing on one of our Nikau Palms over a period of several days in between family, animals and now deadlines for the next publication going out for our town newspaper. My Mum wondered why I was drawing plants instead of the animals. Well you have to learn to draw everything I told her. Pointless creating a painting of a native bird for instance sitting on nothing but empty air! One great painter of birds is the talented Raymond Ching. My mum has a book on him. Raymond sketched all kinds of things including the plants the birds either nested in or ate from the fruits. He's a great artist and his work is in galleries all over the world.


  1. Wow it looks very pretty - kinda three dimensional..great artwork!!
    Raymond seems to be very talented. I read his profile on Wikipedia. How awesome that he got to work for Reader's Digest. Me and my siblings have read Reader's Digest for many years as we've grown up..we've still got some old issue with us..

    purrs and hugs :)

  2. Not bad considering I got kinda lazy with the pencil grades. I'll have to do it in a watercolour sometime. Raymond's work is incredible. Our family had Readers Digests for years as well. Six kids had to be occupied. My poor parents! I have a couple here but most ended up being given away.

    Purrs and hugs back

  3. Nice one. Have you any sketches of cabbage trees? We're big fans as you probably guessed :-)

  4. Hi Bridget. Cabbage Trees..I think I do have one somewhere. But I'll sraw one just for you to enjoy how is that. I like them too. Se have a huge one here in the bush. I'll seriously look at drawing it.