The Legendary Purple Death - and it's real!

Sapich Brothers Wines in Henderson Auckland NZ many years ago produced a deadly purple brew aptly names Purple Death. It's a liqueor and it's absolutely legendary for not only it's powerful kick, but for the label that comes on the bottle. I figured that by now the old favourite would have died a quiet death. Not good old Purple Death. Read the label very carefully - believe me it's absolutely genuine. Good old Sapich Brothers for keeping the legend alive.


  1. yes I remember it, I never tried it though, from what I heard it was pretty lethal. Guess that's why it was called Purple Death...

  2. Beleive me Amy don't even try it. I had to post Purple Death...I love that label.

  3. It's brilliant but..Bridget it's lethal and very very genuine. I'll have to get a bottle and take it with me when I go to visit Rae in Kentucky