Dinner with Amy and her...Basement Cat

Tonight we had dinner with Amy....little did we know there was in fact a very evil plan and conspiracy to get us all addicted to the deadly chocolate pudding. Moussaka made with eggplant combined with meat and vegetables was just the beginning....A friendly chat about life the universe and everything..then came the chocolate pudding. Dangerous. Then a small minion appeared demanding more chocolate pudding. I gave him mine perhaps realising the entire thing had been a conspiracy afterall. Leaving time came. Getting in the car........then...he appeared...held so lovingly by doting minion...BASEMENT CAT..........we escaped just in time....

Actually we had a beautiful dinner with Amy and her family tonight. The food was awesome, the company more so and we had a ball. Thanks Amy we had a really great time. But please....don't arrange for Basement Cat to make us sign any contracts the price of Chocolate pudding is just too much. Amy took the photo on my digital camera...so sign the contract then why don't you.


  1. Hi Liz,

    Your dinner with Amy sounds nice. It always makes for a more delicious time, with good food and good conversation. I love chocolate pudding! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Renie!

    We had a great time and the dinner was wonderful. You have a wonderful weekend too!


  3. ha ha glad you like the dinner and dessert, I must make something better next time. Custard and cream trifle maybe?

  4. Ah will that involve...Purple Death..by any..chance? Had a great time. Thanks Amy it was just awesome.