Approval not sought from CEO the designer is fired


  1. A clean looking kitchen and a clean looking kitteh...but unfortunately no foods..that's furry bad noos for the designer indeed..

    Yep it used to be quite a hassle scanning pictures before digital camera came along. Now it's so easy - snap and the pic is on computer already. I can't remember the last time I gave a camera film to a shop for developing and printing...must've been years ago now..

    The pic of kitty grooming with its tongue is very cute. I have a pic where Fairy is showing me the tongue too. I think she is secretly very proud of it..

    Thanks so much for introducing the Clouded Leopard blog - always great to get the perspective of people directly involved with conservation works. I'm going to subscribe to it.

    Sad to learn about the way Opo the Dolphin had to go to the rainbow bridge. I was reading one of Kenneth Anderson's books in which he had discussed dynamite hunting for fish by people in India too. He felt that it was very cruel and disastrous for the marine population. Hope it doesn't happen anywhere anymore.

    Hope all is well at the farm and the Screech clan is refraining from issuing daily 5am wake-up calls! Purrs and hugs to all of you guys from us :)

    Omer and the kitties..

  2. Hey Omer! Yes the designer neglected to consider the CEO's needs. Fired. Nopay

    I wonder how I did do without the digital. Thed days of taking films to get processed. Half the images not turing out...groan. Now it's delet the bad ones load the good ones!! Yay for digital cameras

    That was verry rude. Finishing school required for the kittie. You should post that one of Fairy. Those kitties are just so adorable

    I have a bad habit of researching subjects especially when I'm drawing them.Must be the Editor in me as well. Heck writing about weeds somehow...doesn't sound very appealing to me. Did that the other day. There'll be more blogs like Karen's appearing. Glad you liked it.

    Opo was a sad story to tell. People were heart broken when se died. I wasn't born then of course. I'll be writing about another dolphin species only 110 left and they're right in my area.

    Mr Screech at 5 am...Screeched right outside my bedroom window this morning Dream and Emerald chased him. But Mr Screech is way to big and fast for those two!!

    Purrs and hugs to you and the Kitties too