Around the farm

Not much went on today. Just the weeds, the broken fence staples and a couple of magpies doing their best to give Mr Hawk a hard time. Mr Screech had gone for a holiday maybe. Hard to know. He'll be back no doubt with his little fuzzy brood and the Mrs Screech to start up the neighbourhood disturbance at 5 am tomorrow morning. Was it hot today or was I imagining the half dead chicken on the driveway. Nah just the strange little red hen Picken sunning herself was all Inaya named her. Hope everyone has had a great day or evening depending on which part of the globe and timezone. It was a good day.


  1. Looks so green and springy there!


  2. Springy and green yes then you walk further down and vanish into the bog!!!LOL

  3. I agree with Jennifer! Such pretty landscape ! So, a cow named Rachel, dont tell Norm or Doug they will get too much of a kick out of that! LOL