Really Stupid inventions for your pets

Feather Previously "Grumpy Chicken" took her new role as Fashion Poultry like a star
Actually she is so tame (we hand raised her) she didn't mind and no she wasn't harmed.

Just for fun I did a google search on really stupid pet products and came up with one heck of an interesting list.

  • Nail Polish for dogs - are they insane?
  • Wigs for dogs - useful maybe if you have a premature hair loss (the owner that is)
  • Cat Clothing - ah....but cats have fur why do they need clothes for?
  • A cat 'merkin' - some kind of wierd fur attachment that you use to cover up your kitties shaved fur after they've had surgery. Okay...do they have that for politicians? A paper bag maybe? Or better still a dumpster bin.
  • Pet Stroller - design stolen most likely from that New Zealand couple that invented the original one for kids. Don't cats and dogs have four legs. Why do they need three wheels as well -ah ha! I know for that extra mileage when oil prices go up again.
Those five above were listed on the Extraordinary Pet Blog as being the five most pointless pet products.

And if you're into Pet Fashion and style check out Pet Style News

And on the Farm here..Inaya came up that little number in the photo. A Chicken Boa for your...cat? Or maybe we should just forget the whole design concept completely. I'll go back into my hole now and thumb through my Pet Fashion Magazine - the one that says NZ Farmer's Weekly wonder if they have clothes for chickens. Hate to have wondered about that..... or...this which had...a gold fish walker?


  1. I love the picture of your daughter holding those two fine birds! LOL thats just adorable! I love chickens too! They are so funny and its cool how they have such different personalities....can you believe some people and what they do for their pets???? Can you say LOOONNNYYY LOL Okay I'm a confessed loony...I do put claw covers on my cats...nice bright red, but hey- they ARE functional!

  2. But Rae you don't put clothes on your chickens or on your cats or dogs. Or wigs? Or dress up your chickens. One thing to love your pets and spoil them a little but nail polish? And...a pet stroller. I need to rethink my life here. I'll invent something for cats from the Mad Bush labs..hmmmmm Nah you're not a loony just a great friend who like me loves animals. Heck I've hand raised everything here except for the horses and the old chickens

  3. confession: I have on occassion dressed my cats up...they act like they cant stand or walk with something on...and I have stuck tape to their tails and paws just for the fun of it!....cant help myself! LOL too many tomatoes I guess! NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN PLAYING DRESS UP HERE EITHER, they only provided entertainment and had fun I'm sure! They even thanked me, mmmm, maybe that was the tomatoes talking...LOL

  4. Perhaps it was the tomatoes talkin' there girl. That's hilarious!!!! Confession when we were kids we put dolls clothes on all the kittens and played house or something like that. Poor little kitties...No animals harmed!!!LOL

  5. Yea it was!
    LOL I dressed mine up in doll clothes too! Here is a GREAT one, an long before tomatoes entered the picture! I SOOO wanted to be a vet growing up, and I would dress up with my fisher price stethescope, my dads white short sleeve shirt, and my poor dog, Hobo, whom was a cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle mix) was forced to go through examinations...of course he was always hurt..one time so bad that he HAD to be bandaged...when my mom came home and found the dog running from my room to her wrapped up from head to toe in toilet paper, with a look on his face that said "SAVE ME" she about died laughing....I didnt think it was funny, I was still playing Vet and running after him to "fix" the bandages that he managed to mess up!

  6. Mummified puppy. I could just see that poor doggie...thats hilarious!!!
    I remember one of my sisters put a baby dress on one our families cats and got half clawed to death. The things kids sometimes do..

  7. that is funny! you mean the GRUMPy chicken actually let Inaya dress her up? LOL. We should have done that on pet day.

  8. Feather is normally really tame - just that when she decides to go broody PMT is the order of the..six week sit down on empty air. I could imagine...SPCA would be on the case. People sometimes do very strange things..........

  9. You posted a link to our site. Thanks, even if you think the product is stupid.

    But, if you don't mind a different perspective on pet strollers, please remember that not all dogs and cats are alike. You ask, "Don't cats and dogs have four legs." Well, no, not all do. Some are injured, and some older pets cannot get around like they used.

    Even pets with four healthy legs can still benefit from a pet stroller. They're great for older pet owners, valued by people who want to take dogs to places leashed animals might not be welcome (like outdoor cafes), and are helpful for permitting cats to get fresh air (since it is dangerous to permit felines to wander free out of doors in cities and suburbs.)

    Just wanted to share a different perspective. Not all dogs, cats, and pet owners alike. While many people may not need or want a pet stroller, there are many who do!


  10. I'm soo having a good day! I hope you are too! Hey! Wanna tomatoe?

  11. Hi Augie!!!

    No not at all. I like people to express an opinion and yours is completely a valid one.

    Seriously I appreciate your insight into why the Pet Stroller is being marketed. Well that sheds light there on that matter. Former city girl so can relate to what you're getting at.

    One thing about it at least it has a functional use. Great comment Augie
    Thanks for putting things right on the Stroller.

    All the best

  12. Rae Chernobyl is occurring here with good results I might ad. Tomatoes sound very...tempting......LOL!!!!

  13. I'll bring the tomatoes, you have the purple death, I'll come on over and we'll just forget about life for a few long hours while we eat choc chip cookies until we are sick! Hows that sound By the way, Doug has strep throat! UUUUGGGGHHH I get that SO bad, someone just has to say the word and I'm sick...I had better not get it!

  14. Tomatoes and Purple Death...deadly sorry to hear about doug. Darn!