A note From Augie on the Pet Stroller

Augie Ray who markets the Pet Stroller kindly left his side of the story with the Pet Stroller. Augie pointed out that while I may think it's stupid there really is a practical reason why this product is marketed and besides this blog encourages healthy debate. I try not to offend people and appreciate the feedback Augie stated this:

You posted a link to our site. Thanks, even if you think the product is stupid.

But, if you don't mind a different perspective on pet strollers, please remember that not all dogs and cats are alike. You ask, "Don't cats and dogs have four legs." Well, no, not all do. Some are injured, and some older pets cannot get around like they used.

Even pets with four healthy legs can still benefit from a pet stroller. They're great for older pet owners, valued by people who want to take dogs to places leashed animals might not be welcome (like outdoor cafes), and are helpful for permitting cats to get fresh air (since it is dangerous to permit felines to wander free out of doors in cities and suburbs.)

Just wanted to share a different perspective. Not all dogs, cats, and pet owners alike. While many people may not need or want a pet stroller, there are many who do!

Augie thank you. I grew up in the city so I can relate to the points you have made.

Seriously if someone does have a need because their pet is injured, old or needs that little bit extra TLC check out Augie's Pet Stroller



  1. Thank you. That's very kind!

    Have a great week!

  2. Hi Augie. You are welcome. You have a great week too. Liz