Don't lose your Gravity!


  1. It appears to be one of the minions! Always threatening mankind...

    Sad to learn about the current family situation of Craig and his mom..dunno what will happen to the poor guy..hope they can work their differences out in the family rather than in court and become able to work together for the welfare of the cats..very sad situation at the moment..

    it took me hours to do the write-up on Barbary Lions..finally done..still couldn't find a good public domain map of North Africa to show the countries where the lions used to live..

    Hope the work with 'Leo' is going well..our Leo, now an offishul mancat at one year of age is sending you guys purrs alongside Fairy..

  2. Oh yes one of the minions has become very powerful indeed..be careful be very careful.

    I'm sad too about Craig and his mum. I hope they can sort things out and consider the welfare of the animals that made them popular in the first place.

    Barbary Lions are intriguing I'll have to read your very major long write up on them and link it back so people can read it. Sad they are extinct in the wild.

    Leo is getting there and Happy Birthday to the real Leo and Fairy from us here at the farm. Emerald and Dream are too busy fighting outside with each other so I have to send purrs for them.

    Purrs and Hugs and watch out soon I'll be posting a special birthday wish just for those little kitties.