Kumara Country

Since I didn't have to drive to Dargaville on Friday I managed to get some more photos of the Ruawai area where kumaras aka sweet potatoes are grown. Ruawai is known as the Kumara Capital. Most of New Zealands' Kumaras are grown there. I love Kumaras especially with a raost dinner. Kumara pie is nice too. I'll have to post up the recipe some time.


  1. yum Kumara Pie, now that's something I haven't tried.

  2. Great pics. I love going along that straight road (first pic).
    Love the great Kiwiana sign when leaving Ruawai too - "Did'ya get yer kumara?"

  3. I tried to get a photo of that sign. I'm going back to Dargaville tomorrow so I'll get a photo and post it for you.