Very Red Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release 'Farmers pleased Government is on the same page'

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9 December 2008

Farmers pleased Government is on the same page

Federated Farmers is encouraged by a new government that values the real builders of the economy and seeks to serve those builders, vice-president, Frank Brenmuhl said today after the new government gave its Speech from the Throne.

“It is great that the government is showing commitment to supporting the productive side of the economy. The primary sector of course earns 65 percent of New Zealand’s export receipts so is a crucial factor in New Zealand’s future economic wellbeing,” Mr Brenmuhl said.

“Like the government, farmers wish to grow the economy in order to deliver greater prosperity, security and opportunities to all New Zealanders. The government has been clear today it knows that for industry to reach its potential there are things that need to change. Federated Farmers is pleased the government is prioritising changes to the Resource Management Act, NZ Emissions Trading Scheme and infrastructure spending.

“The government’s commitment to infrastructure investment, a reduction in government bureaucracy and an across-the-board commitment to lifting productivity growth is what will make the difference for farmers to continue producing export receipts,” Mr Brenmuhl said.

“Reform of the Resource Management Act is something Federated Farmers has been campaigning on for three years so we are very pleased it is a priority of the new government. Farmers know what is wrong with the Act because it affects them every day. Federated Famers looks forward to working with government to improve consent processes.

“Federated Farmers also has huge misgivings about the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) in its current form. A balance between meeting New Zealand’s Kyoto responsibilities and taking up economic opportunities is welcomed.

“Federated Farmers is relieved the government recognises the importance of agriculture to the New Zealand economy and so will go in to bat in international negotiations for the appropriate recognition of New Zealand's unique agricultural-emissions-profile.

“These promises are like green grass to farmers but proof of the pudding will be in the eating; let us see what happens over the next 100 days,” Mr Brenmuhl said.

“Federated Farmers looks forward to working with government to ensure delivery of these priorities. Without them, New Zealand will not reach its economic potential,” he concluded.

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