Save Seedy Santa from the PC

Save Seedy Santa from the PC

They say dear old Santa
is seedy and not pc
he wags his rude finger
at innocent you and me

He has a creaky winky eye
that's even ruder still
his days are done
he's no longer fun
or so the yuppies say

But there's an Auckland crew
saying give Santa his due
They say let Santa stay.

We don't want Rudolph
or Prancer and Dancer
Or tasteful koru designs
Let the Buskers sing what they want
let them have their way
But most of all
not much to ask at all
our Seedy old Santa must stay

So here's the rule
and get the score
all you pc 's...
get out the door
we don't need you no more
Let Seedy old Santa stay!

Yes I wrote another one..sorry .......


  1. priceless! yay let Santa stay!

  2. See latest Herald article:


    "Santa has been saved - and now he wants to thank his supporters.

    Alex Swney, chief executive of Heart of the City, said the giant Whitcoulls Father Christmas would stay for many festive seasons to come after overwhelming support from the people of Auckland." Read more

  3. Oh that's just made my year. Cool Seedy old Santa Stays!!!! Yay!