One from out of the really stupid ideas file - Auckland City Council Regulates Buskers on frequency of song repeats

Just when I thought I thought the era of utterly stupid political correctness was over - I got the wrong answer button.

In a move that in a Herald Poll has been rated at the time of writing at 75% of those who responded as Auckland City Councils new regulation to not allow a Busker to repeat the same song within one hour as being crazy. Crazy and utterly stupid. Whoever came up with that one from the Department of Utterly Stupid Ideas should be made to sit in a room strapped to a chair and made to listen to repeats of the worst songs ever created. I could name a few but I won't.
Read the article below and let me know what you guys think.

Timespanner also sent me this link from the Busker's Point of View it's an interesting read. Thanks Timespanner

Council sets out rules for buskers

4:00AM Tuesday Dec 09, 2008
By Martin Johnston

Buskers who repeat their songs too often within an hour on Auckland City streets can be muzzled under a new council policy.

From Monday, street performers in the city must obtain an annual licence, which is free if they agree to comply with the council's new code of conduct.

The policy acknowledges the important contribution of street performance to the "vitality of our city" and aims to direct "the right activity to the right location at the right time".

It says street performers should develop sufficient repertoire for however long they choose to perform - the maximum is one hour of playing time - without repetition.

"If a performer continues to repeat items they may be asked to cease performing. Performers must immediately comply with this request."

The policy allows licensed performers to operate on city streets - but not parks - at any time if they are quiet acts, such as mime or statue artists. Acts involving musical instruments, amplification or loud voices are restricted to 7am to 9pm in most areas.

The time limit is extended to 2am outside Tourism Auckland and the Starmart on the central-city waterfront, and until midnight at Aotea Square and until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights on Karangahape Rd.

Noise levels must not disturb customers or staff of nearby businesses, or be greater than the usual background noise when heard from 30m away.

Performers are mostly limited to one hour a day at a location, but can then move to another site.

The council says the policy sets a fair way to use the most popular sites and directs performers to appropriate locations in the central city, such as four places for pavement art and eight for acts that attract large audiences.

"Street performance plays an important role in the vitality of Auckland City and offers entertainers the chance to gain experience and develop a public profile," said the chairman of the council's arts, culture and recreation committee, Greg Moyle.

"Clarifying expectations and directing the right activity to the right location, at the right time will encourage and enable a range of street level activity in our city."

Article sourced from the NZ Herald Website


  1. That's just stupid and doesn't make any sense. Surely the council would be better off putting their energies into doing something worthwhile other than this.

  2. Well you would think so Amy but NO some dork in the Department of Utterly Stupid Ideas has to justify getting paid big dollars for coming up with stupid ideas. And this is straight out stupid.

  3. Methinks this originated from Heart of the City, the local association, and some lobbying they may have done. There's already been some strife in the publicity sheets about buskers having security sic'ced onto them and instruments seized.

  4. Sounds like it Ice. I mean how utterly stupid. I was just rereading the last couple of paragraphs of the aticle. Crap about expected outcomes. In other words they're being culture police. Well that sucks.

  5. I saw the petition and info these folks had about their dispute with Auckland City and Heart of the City.


  6. Thanks Ice added it onto the post. Cool and interesting site.

  7. Aren't there more important things to worry about? It never ceases to amaze me the causes and issues that folks take on-so ridiculous its laughable!

    Lots of love,

  8. Hi Leslie,

    I know it's so stupid. I used to live in the heart of Auckland for a short time and I used to really enjoy the buskers. People sometimes asked them to play their song again. Now some snobby people are ruining it all for everyone,

    Love to you too hope your family and you are well