Bovine Dramas

Yesterday afternoon two of my neighbours' replacement dairy heifers had gotten out onto the road. Sometimes I think people are downright dumb. Cars and trucks were roaring past them at high speed. One guy almost smacked into them. Finally another guy stopped his vehicle to give me a hand to get the two calves off the road. We lost one which ended up at way up the road at another farm and I got the unpleasant company of a bawling heifer keeping me awake for the rest of the night mutter. The kids and I shot up to Terry's milking shed late yesterday afterday and told Peter the Farm Manager. Peter showed up this morning with Craig to get the heifer. After a lot of running around and my cows ending up yet again in the garden, the nuisance was safe and sound back in her paddock. The other one was brought back an hour later. One thing I do have around here and that's great neighbours. So much for my morning. Spend chasing cows. No wonder I called my home the Mad Bush Farm because most of the time things here are crazy and fun. Photo above is the heifer in my garden. What's left of my garden that is.


  1. We have had that happen here too. We had one young heifer that was behind the house, walk the line of the lake when it was down and find her way into the road. Doug and I were moving her toward the house, Norm had already been called, and one friend of Norms happened to drive by and stop to help shoo her down the road and across the street. In the mean time, in order to save some idoits life, no probably just to save my heifer, i had to litterally get into the middle of the street, waving my hands in the air and the speeding truck quickly approaching me and the heifer standing dazed in the middle of the road! The jerks skidded to a stop, and almost into me and my cow...and then slowly went past, not even waiting for me to get the cow off the road.....I yelled some unsightly words are the two terds....and continued on now totally pissed off at them and the cow for getting us both in a bad situation. Bet those two dont go speeding down our road again They got quite a scare, and surely would have injured themselves if they hit the heifer,and probably killed out cow, or even themselves. People drive at such a high rate of speed sometimes, I guess that now that I live on a farm I think twice as I come along beside farm animals, never know when they're might be one in the road! They are animals, of a curious nature...and we should all be aware of them. I have to keep my own dog in an underground electric fence cause I'm scared too death he'll get out and get hit. Okay I could go on forever, and I would have been tempted to keep the little girl! LOL

  2. Hi Rae,

    Nice to keep her but only so much grazing on our farm. Peter would have seen her anyway. Better to get rid of the problem than end up with a permanent headache. After no sleep last night and all the running round my hair is sticking out.LOL!!!

    Heck it's not fun almost ending up as a road pizza. People don't use their brains like HELLO cao on road equals slow down? NOT. Main thing is no-one got hurt not you, me or those heifers on either side of the globe.

  3. Hi Liz, I think if the guys in the cars saw what a cow can do to them and their cars they would have slowed down real quick! Farm life is never boring is it. Hope you get your garden sorted out again. I kow where there's a gardener if you need one LOL! Bob. PS I haven't forgotten my awards, I've just been busy with Christmas stuff so not had time to put them on yet.

  4. Hi Bob yes with Christmas only just over two weeks away that's understandable. I've got to get back over to your blog and read your last two posts as well. Never a dull moment around the farm here you're right there. Cars and cows are a bad combination usually fatal. No brains - either. Yes my garden no longer exists. Looks like fossil remains now the cows have utterly demolished it. I'm home now so I can fix it all up and hope they don't wreck all over again.

    Take care Bob

    PS Yes I'll have to put in an order for a certain gardener over in the UK.LOL