Art Stuff - Michelle and Gidget Water Colour on paper

This was my first and only ever attempt at painting my kids. All I had was some cheap kids water colour paints and a brush. Okay so my daughter only has four fingers, where her little thumb is..pass there, and the colours are really wierd. I think I recall having an Australian Artists magazine about how green with portrait painting gave a great effect. Hmm..okay. I gave it a go way back then and really enjoyed doing it. Now I look at it and think well I learned heaps from that one!
Michelle was just fifteen months old when I did this painting and she didn't like Mum's western hat stuck on her head. The foal is Gidget an Arab Filly I had bred many years back now. Gidget is the same age as Michelle. Both are now ten. I'm not sure where Gidget is now but I'm sure she's got some nice owners.


  1. I reckon that's a pretty good painting if you ask me, I couldn't do anything like that...

  2. It wasn't bad considering how long ago it was done. But four fingers? Not sure why that was. Pass.