Just Cosmic!! Thanks Bridget!!!!


Clouds now and again give some respite from moon-gazing - behold - Basho

I have Bridget to thank for this. She left a post last night on her Cabbage Tree Farm blog
Well Bridget the planets weren't above the moon tonight but they still looked incredible.


  1. I've been seeing this for several days...isnt it just too cool..I dont remember them ever being so big...but then there were many years I was never looking at the sky!

  2. They are just awesome Rae that's what I love about not living in the city anymore. No light pollution to spoil the view,

  3. Wonderful to see the Southern sky.
    Like you we live where there is very little artificial light and we do see incredibly starry skies.

  4. Hi Weaver it is wonderful when we can go outside and have a sight like that. The images turned out really well. I had to play with the camera settings so they weren't too grainy. I think the best one is the first image.


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