Art Stuff - The Old Kaukapakapa Slaughter House Oil on Canvas

I finished it. Not a masterpiece but I like it and I won't dare do anymore to it. I like abandoned buildings. This is the first time I have ever attempted to paint one in oils. The last oil painting I did looked like some kind of mutation. I still have it but it's terrible. This one at least looks like something. I've also decided I really like oils. People say they take too long to dry but the colours are wonderful. Learned a lot from doing it and that's a good thing.


  1. I like this very much indeed. My late husband (Malcolm Rivron) painted mainly in watercolour and was always in love with the ruined or ramshackle - there was something about the colour of them and the different shapes which seemed to attract him. It certainly doesn't want any more doing to it - hope you will post more "ruins" in oil.

  2. Fantastic Liz-and a sense of accomplishment you have now! I like it alot. Making art inspires the soul to create even more.

    So, what will you paint next? Can't wait to see!


  3. Hi guys thank you!!! YOu have both just made my morning.

    Weaver - I'll be doing another one. Those old buildings have such and appeal. More coming!!!

    Leslie - You are always so wonderful with your encouragement. More old buildings or a landscape on it's way. I'll just have to sit down and decide what.

    Take care both of you

  4. Ok so what is it about old abandoned buildings - some say they are romantic? or maybe it is the mystery of what it once was - but I do love them -- and I do like this painting

  5. That is such a stunning picture. It is definitely something I would put up in my house for everyone to see.

    Very, Very Nice!

  6. Oh wow... I love your painting! Old buildings have such an air of mystery and I always wonder about all the life that happened there. Your painting is beautiful and I love that you are working in oils (my favourite medium!!!). Rich, beautiful colours. PS.. if you want to work in layers (glazing) and you want the oils to dry faster, I use a product called liquin for glazes. So, if you have not used it yet, try it.

  7. Hiya Liz!
    Thanks so much for the blogroll exchange...have added your wonderful blog to mine as well. Your painting is beautiful! Lovely colors. You should consider an Etsy shop and sell your wonderful work online!!

  8. You guys are just blowing me away with your awesome comments

    Kathleen I think it's the mystery as you said of the stories untold and what went on during the years a building might have been used. this one yes we know by the name but it's still fascinating. Great to hear from you.

    African Safari Stories - Thank you for the compliment!! I seriously appreciate the feedback. If it was lousy I'd rather be told.LOL. Great post you did on the Lions in the camp and on the snakes. Always great to read your great blogs. Hope you are well.

    Avril you are seriously topping my week. Coming from you fantastic painter of all things wonderful that you are (Love your blog!!!) that is a seriously awesome compliment. Thanks for the tip. I'll give that product a try. I'll get some from the artshop next time I'm there. I had such fun doing that building.

    Hi Diane,

    Wonderful to hear from you. I just loved the jewellery you made from the sea glass. Thank you for your encouragement and positive comments
    Blessings to you too and thanks for adding me onto your blog roll!!

    Take care everyone