The case of the missing Cat Wormer

Every three months written into the Farming Diary is the next date for worming all the critters that live here on the farm. I did the horses, and the chickens then it came to Dream and Emerald's turn. One slight problem - I couldn't find their worming tablets anywhere even though I had only purchased them two days before. Despite hunting everywhere no sign of the missing worm tablets could be found. In the end I went and got some more. I have the scratches in my hand to prove it. Then this morning I went to make my coffee. Sitting right alongside..you guessed it the missing worm tablets. Lucky for me I don't use substitute sugar pills in my coffee......


  1. oh noooo! That reminds me, time to work the cat and the dog. Kids are easy, just roast pumpkin seeds and give them to them to eat. Yum!

  2. The cats are not my friends today. Better check your coffee.....