Art Stuff - Barge & Dingy Whakapirau Beach

I painted this on a blank business card one afternoon just to see how small I could make my artwork go. I had fun which was all that mattered. The little barge and the dingy are used by the local oyster farmer to bring in his oysters. Great subject matter on a hot summer's afternoon.
I love miniature painting but would need a huge magnifying glass and a very small brush to do it!
Timespanner sent me through this great link for a website called Art in miniature fantastic! Thanks Timespanner you always find the good ones!


  1. Art in miniature.

  2. What a fun idea. My mind starts to wander ...

    Imagine if you had an exhibition of paintings on the back of business cards. You'd either need a lot of work to fill the walls or have lots of space for people to analyse each one.

    I suppose you could display them in a doll's house.

    Typing this from a cold day in the UK waiting for a man to come and fix our central heating so I am sure you're enjoying much warmer weather there.

  3. I too love miniatures madbush. It makes you wonder how the miniaturists managed in the days before magnifying glasses and strong electric lights because some of the early miniatures are exquisite. I love your little painting.

  4. Hi Guys!

    Christine and Faz hope you aren't a pair of Icicles! I'd hate to think you two were found frozen to the keyboard. LOL. Gosh an exhibition of business card paintings. I'd need...several hundred? Doll's house I have here could do with renovating anyone know a good architect?
    Hope the central heating gets fixed and soon! Warm here but raining last two days - we need it.

    Hi Weaver - I love miniature painting. Need the right equipment and a steady hand to do it. I wonder too about how anyone managed before electric lights! Some of the greatest names in art were miniature painters.
    Thanks for your encouraging comments.

    Take care guys and keep really warm!!!!

  5. That's awesome, I love watercolours :-)

  6. Gosh you'd need a tiny frame to go with it!!!


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