A Beautiful Story that has touched my heart - A Story about Renie and her mother's cat Paprika - This is a must read.

Renie who lives in a stunning 100 acres of woods in at the Ozarks has just recently celebrated her 72nd Birthday. Renie is a talented author writing wonderful stories and has been published numerous times. Her post A Story on my Birthday - My Mother's Cat is Renie's story when she was growing up in Hungary during the Second World War. Her mother died at only 19 years old and the only link Renie had to her mother was a ten year old cat named Papikra. This is one story everyone should read. It touched my heart very deeply. Renie follows this blog which I have considered an honour and a privilege. So to you Renie Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing your beautiful touching story.


  1. Awww, thank you, Liz! How kind of you to mention my story and birthday.

    My family left, and I am now down with a bug! Not pleasant. Lots of bedtime required, which I hate. Went to the doctor yesterday and got medicine.

    Thank you again for the link and the mention. I enjoy your blog very much! Love to read about your part of the planet. Have a wonderful Sunday/Monday.



  2. What a wonderful story of Paprika. I so loved reading it and visiting Renie's site. I will visit again and again.


  3. Hi Renie!!! I loved your story so much. I'm going to get my Mum to read it too. She will just love it.

    Oh no you don't need to get sick. Stay well and I hope you really enjoyed having the family over for your birthday. I love your blog

    A great big hug to you. Get well very soon.

    Hi Leslie - Isn't Renie's blog wonderful. She is just so full of wonderful stories and life. To have gone through so much and now Renie is living in a wonderful part of the world with her woods and animals. I love her writing and her love for life.