Two little pigs

Earlier this year I went to the Northland Lifestyle Fielddays held here in Maungaturoto down at the Country Club grounds. How could I resist these two little Kunekune piglets doing their best to look just far too cute for their own good. Kunekunes are often kept as pets because of their appeal and intelligence. The only pigs I'll ever have here are the ones that end up on my dinner table. My daughter Inaya took one look at the piglets and said quite bluntly "Only one place for them Mum and that's our freezer!." Well there won't be any piglets coming home any time soon to be the kids playmates.


  1. were they gilbert's ones? they were so cute! how did you go with basement cat?

  2. They were Gilberts little pigs. Basement Cat is there trying to do a deal. You and your deadly Chocolate Pudding.....