Blame my kids for this they suggested it

Bad enough the system decided it didn't like being asked to work a little harder today. I've deadlined and that means one of those all nighters getting a publication together. Need an image couldn't find the one I wanted then the light bulb came on. I'll get it transferred over later. Being an editor sometimes can be...a pain in the rear. Last minutes changes and glitches with printers don't help much. Must be lack of sleep or my second eldest suggesting I should draw...an alien..again? Fine. So I did. He says his saucer got CATJACKED. Anyone heading to Alpha Centauri? He needs a ride.


  1. Editing ... such a fun pastime. I was looking at a history compilation down in 1930 the other day. A series of articles on aspects of regional history put together -- and the editors were under pressure. Lots of apologies throughout about so-and-so's wonderful piece having to be cut in half. Towards the end, the editors probably sighed deeply as they wrote above one article something (as I recall) along the lines of "Half of the following has had to be lost in the slaughter of the innocents."

  2. Oh that's good Ice. Yes such fun. My brain has gone even though I posted something else straight after this one. going to crash out for a couple of hours then finish the damned thing then I'm done for the rest of the year!! Cool. I need the break.