A Blank Canvas for my garden (what garden?)

Four years now I have looked behind my house at the bog and the grass. Work and lack of time until now have prevented my progressing any further with developing the acre plus of bare area where I dreamed of having a garden by now. Lack of time and the cows getting out now and then and destroying what little I did have planted just added to my frustrations. Yesterday I planted the first tree behind my house. A native called the Puka Meryta sinclairii. In a few years time this will grow into a stunning 4 metre tree (about 14 feet). The soil was as dry as a bone. Lack of rain this spring. Hopefully we'll get some today. I have to get out there and pick up my spade. Bad person! The tyre keeps the chickens from digging around the roots and it's great for keeping in the mulch. The chickens were not impressed when they woke up to find that tyre still there at 5.30 am this morning.


  1. Pukas are lovely trees aren't they, we've just planted a couple too. What else are you going to plant in that area?

  2. Hi Bridget. All natives I hope. Flaxes, Lancewoods etc and of course your favourite Cabbage trees. I've got heaps of Yucca too but they won't like it there. Bog plants as well but I have to finish diverting the drainage as yet another spring that has popped up near the house here. No rest for the wicked!!!